Academic & Institutional Affiliations

Through the work of our academic faculty and as a school we are affiliated with the following organisations. 

IWLInstitute for World Literature

Home institution | Harvard University

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The Institute for World Literature (IWL) has been created to explore the study of literature in a globalizing world. As we enter the twenty-first century, our understanding of “world literature” has expanded beyond the classic canon of European masterpieces and entered a far-reaching inquiry into the variety of the world’s literary cultures and their distinctive reflections and refractions of the political, economic, and religious forces sweeping the globe.

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Australia India InstituteAustralia India Institute

Home institution | University of Melbourne
Affiliate academic | Dr Christopher Kremmer

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Dr Kremmer is an honorary fellow of the Australia India Institute.

SOASCenter for Iranian Studies

Home institution | School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Affiliated academic | Dr Laetitia Nanquette

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Dr Nanquette is an associate member of the Center for Iranian studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, which studies Iran across disciplines and periods.

Mondes Iranien at IndienMondes Iranien et Indien

Home institution | Center for National Scientific Research
Affiliated academic | Dr Laetitia Nanquette

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Dr Nanquette is an associate member of Mondes Iranien et Indien, at the CNRS (Center for National Scientific Research) in Paris, which studies the Iranian and Indian worlds past and present. She contributes to several projects, especially their annual critical bibliography Abstracta Iranica.

Open Humanities PressOpen Humanities Press

Affiliated academic | Dr Sigi Jottkandt

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Open Humanities Press is an international, scholar-led open access publishing collective whose mission is to make leading works of contemporary critical thought available worldwide. Dr Jottkandt is a co-founding Director.


Home institution | Concordia University
Affiliated academic | Ass. Prof. Andrew Murphie

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The SenseLab is a laboratory for thought in motion. Based in Montreal, the SenseLab is an international network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism. Ass. Prof. Murphie has worked with SenseLab for a decade.