SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant 2017

Please note: Applications for 2017 have now closed. Recipients will be announced early July.

The SAM Alumni Residency Program is an initiative from the School of the Arts & Media (SAM) and the Arts & Social Sciences Faculty to support our recent graduates* in their professional creative endeavors. This flexible residency program is designed to support the development of a specific project and is open to Alumni from all disciplines in the School.

Resident artist(s) will have access to SAM facilities and resources for up to 4 weeks including rehearsal spaces, recording studios, audio-visual equipment, workshops, and props and costumes stores. You will benefit from access to the expertise of the staff in the UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) and the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Technical Resource Centre. This includes technical and production advice, access to industry networks, and design advice. We will also provide connection to relevant academic teaching and research staff where appropriate. Applicants will be able to shape their own residency, within the parameters of available resources.

Along with access to facilities and resources the selected artist(s) will be awarded a grant up to $5,000.

Download the application form here

If you’re unsure of any aspect please discuss your application with the CPL: or 9385 5684 

Supported by UNSW Arts & Social Sciences

*Recent graduates include those who completed their studies between 2006 - 2015 inclusive.

Image: 2016 alumni resident artist Mish Grigor with Natalie Rose, POST - Ich Nibber Dibber. Photo: documentphotography


Applications Open: Friday 12 May, 2017

Applications Close: Sunday 18 June, 2017

Recipients Announced: Early July 2017

Residency availability period: Until Friday 15 December, 2017. The residency period can be between 2-4 weeks depending on the facilities and resources requested. Please include a schedule for the residency in your submission.


The SAM Alumni Residency Program is open to creative practitioners who have graduated from UNSW Australia and completed a major, degree, honours program and/or PhD in the School of the Arts & Media (SAM) or its previous school structures.

The previous school structures are: School of English, Media and Performing Arts; School of Media and Communications, Film and Theatre; School of Theatre, Film and Dance; School of English; School of Music; School of Media.

Studies can have been in any discipline within SAM. The disciplines are: Creative Writing, Dance, English and Literary Studies, Film Studies, Media and Communications, Music, and Theatre and Performance.

Graduates who completed their studies between 2006 - 2015 inclusive are eligible to apply.

You need to have completed at least one professional creative output (eg. a paid production/performance; publication; public film screening; exhibition; commissioned music composition; music recording; etc). If unsure please contact us at

Selection Criteria

  • The artist’s or artists’ demonstrated record as a creative practitioner in their chosen field(s).
  • The project’s ambition (how it fits into a larger project and/or your artistic trajectory).
  • Feasibility (whether you can do what you are planning to do within the timeframe and resources available).
  • How the project connects with the School of the Arts & Media (SAM) teaching and research. (see the SAM website)

Engagement & Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disciplines in SAM?

Creative Writing
English and Literary Studies
Film Studies
Media and Communications
Theatre and Performance

Can groups apply?


What if I’m part of a group and the only SAM Alumni?

This is fine as long as the SAM Alumni is a key member of the group.

What if I work across disciplines?

Artists who work within a focused discipline or across a range of disciplines are welcome.

Available Resources

Available resources from the UNSW Creative Practice Lab:

  • Rehearsal spaces - read more about our venues here
  • Io Myers Studio - flexible flat floor performance studio (if available)
  • Studio One – black box performance and rehearsal studio (if available)
  • Sound recording studios
  • Stop motion animation studio
  • Music rehearsal rooms
  • Audio-visual equipment (video cameras, video and slide projectors, theatre and film lights, sound recording equipment)
  • Props and costumes

If you have any questions please contact us at

Selection Process

Applications will be assessed by UNSW academic and professional staff, from the faculty and school, and an invited industry representative.