Visiting Artists & Creative Projects

We work with industry partners from artist development to production, and incorporate artists’ process and outcomes into teaching and research. Visiting artists provide opportunities for researchers and students to engage with their work, providing expertise in specific disciplinary fields and access to creative networks.

There are invitations to showings and works in progress, we encourage you to attend, ask questions and give feedback.

2017 Visiting Artists

Mish Grigor

SAM Resident Alumni Artists

Mish Grigor & Jess Bellamy
March | Io Myers Studio 

“I remember the year 2020, I remember the flood. I remember the internet. I remember the artists who loved the internet. I remember that all fondly. I remember the end of it all, the end of the storage of information, then the end of information. I remember the day that we realised that we had to end history. I remember the end of history.”  
During their residency at UNSW Mish Grigor and Jess Olivieri will develop SITUATION – TRAGEDY a work that will play with narrative and the end of narrative. SITUATION – TRAGEDY will activate the stage using improvised text, and disembodied voices. Improvised instructions for audiences will be used to drive the narrative and performance. The work developed will continue an ongoing collaboration between the two artists.

Timothy Ohl

Critical Path – UNSW Dance Research Residencies 2017

Timothy Ohl with artist Alejandro Rolandi
July | Io Myers Studio

Special effects are commonly used in post-production filmmaking, but how can effects be explored in live performance?


Amaara_and_BrindhaCritical Path – UNSW Dance Research Residencies 2017

Amaara Raheem working with neuro surgeon Dr Brindha Shivalingam

Mon 3 - Friday 7 July Mon 25 - Friday 29 September | Io Myers Studio

Two intertwined lines of enquiry that explore pathways in mobility and migration shape this research.

Sirens Big Band_194x120pxSchool Resident Company

Sirens Big Band

Mon 3 - Friday 7 July Mon 25 - Friday 29 September | Io Myers StudiOur 2017 Resident Company is Sirens Big Band, an 18-piece super jazz collective. The band will share their process and experiences while developing new works and working to increase the visibility of female jazz musicians. 


2016 Visiting Artists

Stiff GinsStiff Gins

Performance Space Partnership
April & August | Studio One 

Indigenous artists Kaleena Briggs and Nardi Simpson are the Stiff Gins. As part of the partnership with Performance Space the Stiff Gins are in residence in Studio One in April and August. They are working with British director Felix Cross on their new project The Spirit of Things. This supported development will lead into the premiere of their new work at Carriageworks later this year.

Click here for a taste of what the Stiff Gins will share with us.

Stiff Gins on Facebook.

teethshowNatasha Davis: Teeth Show

Visiting International Artist
22 March | Io Myers Studio

International performance and installation artist Natasha Davis shares a poetic and bitter-sweet story of teeth, identity, and citizenship. Smile.

Followed by an artist's talk where Natasha discusses how her own experience of forced migration has informed her theatremaking.

rhiannonnewtonRhiannon Newton

Critical Path Partnership
July | Webster Studios

Rhiannon Newton's practice spans choreography, dancing, lecturing, and a body of work that pursues relations between dance and repetition. Rhiannon will experiment with questions arising from her ongoing Bodies Assemblies practice.

brookestampBrooke Stamp

Critical Path Partnership
July | Io Myers Studio

Working between improvisational movement practice, sound, and performance installation, Brooke will undertake an exploration of im/material bodily forces through improvisation and colaborative practices in sound, smell, and material forms.

simoSimo Kellokumpu

July | Webster Building

Simo Kellokumpu graduated from Theatre Academy of Finland’s MA programme in Choreography in 2003 and is based in Helsinki. He is interested in thinking about contemporary choreography as an artistic practise where choreographic proposals are intended to be realized and contextualized through the articulation, shifting, moving and opening of temporal, spatial, social and material circumstance.

alexisdestoopAlexis Destoop

July | Io Myers Studio

Conspiracies against the Sun: Northern Drift

(w.t.)Building upon the myths and dreams concerning the High North, Destoop's film project explores its recent history and current developments. While thematising the notion of “border”, the film will investigate the complex agencies that constitute it.


Kym Vercoe

September | Io Myers Studio

April 6. I have arrived.

What happens when a writer secludes herself on a remote island to pen a book about the interconnectedness of humanity? As she leafs through the crumbling library she is transported again and again to the same date. April 6. Struggling to find meaning in this seeming coincidence she navigates through history on an intimate and whimsical journey through the joys, sorrows and tiny miracles of the last few centuries. Kym Vercoe and Sean Bacon use their acclaimed visual and storytelling skills to make our world a little smaller.


Rajni Shah

September | Io Myers Studio

Experiments in Listening“Rajni Shah’s work as an artist leans gently but clearly across disciplines, countries and thought structures. She is a quiet voice of change, creating and curating visually engaging performances, interventions and writings that open up spaces for conversation and meeting”

Mish Grigor

Mish Grigor

“I remember the year 2020, I remember the flood. I remember the internet. I remember the artists who loved the internet. I remember that all fondly. I remember the end of it all, the end of the storage of information, then the end of information. I remember the day that we realised that we had to end history. I remember the end of history.”  
During their residency at UNSW Mish Grigor and Jess Olivieri will develop SITUATION – TRAGEDY a work that will play with narrative and the end of narrative. SITUATION – TRAGEDY will activate the stage using improvised text, and disembodied voices. Improvised instructions for audiences will be used to drive the narrative and performance. The work developed will continue an ongoing collaboration between the two artists.

2015 Visiting Artists

William Yang

William Yang

Visiting Fellow 2013 - 2015

As a visiting fellow in the School of the Arts and Media artist William Yang transformed three of his iconic performance pieces into films.These three one hour films can now be accessed through the UNSW library and streamed for use in teaching and research.William’s personal stories and photographs bring to life Chinese history in Australia, the Sydney arts scene of the 70s and 80s and the gay and lesbian community’s fight against AIDS and celebration of life in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Learn more about these projects in our artist spotlight.

Stiff Gins

Stiff Gins

Performance Space Partnership

The first residency with Performance Space for 2015 saw musical duo Stiff Gins develop The Spirit of Things, a moving sonic response to the thousands of Indigenous objects and artifacts held in public and museum collections across the country and around the world. In collaboration with British director Felix Cross, the Stiff Gins developed a new music-based performance work that celebrates and breathes life into Indigenous cultural objects, reconnecting them with their communities and creators.

Annaliese ConstableAnnaliese Constable

Performance Space Partnership
10 Aug - 28 Aug

Annaliese Constable's Mummy Dearest is a funny and touching one-woman performance about people’s experiences of parenting. Through extensive research via an online survey and in-person interviews, Constable will amplify unheard voices and explore common experiences, walking the line between comedy and tragedy.

The complexity of this work is in the listening. The research period is vital in accessing unheard voices and extracting common themes of experience. It is in this period that Constable will engage her familiarity with conducting intimate online research and personal interviews gained in her time exploring domestic violence in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

About Annaliese: I’m interested in the absurd (like a lady doctor!) and emotional journeys. I deliver multilayered comedy that offers opportunities for the audience to become more self aware and conscious of the world around them. My works are dark and humorous, often absurd, and I explore themes of class, gender and sexuality. My development as an artist has occurred within activist environments. Throughout my time at University of Wollongong (UoW) I spearheaded a successful campaign targeting homophobic harassment. After completing my Creative Arts Degree at UoW I created a documentary following the campaign titled Operation Queer Space. I’m a champion of the underdog and enjoy developing works that strengthen empathy and understanding. I use the personal to encourage political change. I am currently developing a comedy show with an aim to be engaged with Fringe Festivals in 2015.

ElizabethDalmanElizabeth Cameron Dalman

UNSW Dance Research Residency
in Partnership With Critical Path 

Founder of the Australian Dance Theatre in 1965, Elizabeth will explore the dance potentials for an 80-year old body thus extending her practice as a choreographer and performer. Always interested in the power of expressive dance she will explore what an older dancer’s body has to communicate. With guidance from actor/dramaturg Kenneth Spiteri and Jungian analyst and singer/song-writer Glenda Cloughley, she will investigate Motion . . . E-motion, MA (silence/emptiness), Memory, Image, Dreams, Space, Sound and Story.

“I will observe the tensions in and energy flows through my body particularly during various emotional states, and explore ways of translating these into dance. Using theatre-training techniques I will push the boundaries of my practice and explore more deeply the archetypal states and roles now relevant in my life.”

Victoria HuntVictoria Hunt

UNSW Dance Research Residency
in Partnership with Critical Path

TANGI (tears) explores the transformative qualities of light, water, incantations and embodiment to enunciate the rare and precious nature of culturally significant objects, suspended in foreign collections and museums. TANGI is guided by indigenous creativity, merging Pacific, Asian and Western dance practices with women’s ceremonial lore and contemporary indigenous politics. TANGI brings together an ensemble of artists to celebrate our past, present and future: and to re-inscribe mythologies for our times. Collaborators are Boris Bagattini (video & light), James Brown (sound composition), Fausto Brusamolino (light), Aroha Yates-Smith & Paul Tapsell (Te Arawa Tohunga) and Richard Green (Darug Leader) as well as a first ever collaboration between Victoria and Kristina Chan (dancer). The aim is to explore the unattainable in creative work, the unchallenged and culturally sacred.

Cat JonesCat Jones - Somatic Drifts

Supported Creative Development

Somatic Drifts is a one-to-one whole body experience that uses, tactility, scent, visual feedback and audio. It allows the participant to experience the bodies of other entities through synaptic re-association. It explores identity transgression, trans-human and interspecies empathy through touch. It asks what realm do the human mind and emotions exist within? The live experience accumulates an installation of recorded participant bodies and the diverse internal narratives that inhabit them. Learn more...

The project is funded by Experimental Arts, and has a number of partners involved including ANAT, Hawke Centre (SA), Bundanon, UniSA Body and Mind neuroscience research cluster.

Hissy FitHissy Fit - I Might Blow Up Someday

Supported Creative Development

A mash-up of sound, video, live performance and light, I might blow up someday is a performance by all girl art collective Hissy Fit presenting the female hysteric body as a strong, aggressive and subversive force. Through their untrained bodies Hissy Fit present a body out of control. And yet the duration, Repetition, mimicry and aggression within the work suggest something far more deliberate. Key Artists: Hissy Fit (Jade Muratore, Emily O’Connor (UNSW Alumni), Nat Randall.

2014 Visiting Artists

William Yang

Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski

Performance Space Partnership

The increasing normalisation of drone surveillance and warfare has caught the attention of the general public. Starrs & Cmielewski worked with dancer Alison Plevey to explore aspects of the human relationship with these technologies, using a quad-copter drone to record site-responsive performances in the natural environment. The dancer exhibits a range of different emotions, including curiosity, agitation, engagement and resignation in response to the persistently intrusive drone.

During their residency at Io Myers Studio, Starrs and Cmielewski explored the integration of these concepts into a sculptural installation that re-imagines the relationship between technology, nature and culture. Audiences were presented with drone-captured imagery including aerial views of landscapes dynamically manipulated in ways that revealed both their underlying fragility and strengths. The soundscape for the work was created in collaboration with Sydney artist, Alex Davies. The project was produced by Julianne Pierce. 

Angela Goh

Angela Goh

UNSW Dance Research Residency 
and Critical Path's Responsive Program

We have been doing research, and we will be sharing OUTCOMES.
OUTCOMES is a compilation of a daily practice of manifesto writing.
This book does not contain any answers. It is both the essence of our work, and the excess of a process. It is also a contradiction, but at the same time it is a very genuine attempt at sharing. OUTCOMES is a solid object born out of immateriality. OUTCOMES is not the only outcome of this research residency. Its scope and potential goes far beyond the borders of its pages. OUTCOMES is a way to share, a thing to give, a thing to let go of, a reason to come together, and an end point which is also a departure point. Beyond giving out books, we will talk about our experience, have a drink, and be together.

2013 Visiting Artists

Raghav and Henrietta

Raghav and Henrietta

A Jump development showing 

A creative investigation into moments of transformation.
'Shape-shifting' or transformation - in many indigenous cultures involves a change in the form, shape or character of a person to another person or an animal…
This is a work in progress with choreographer Marilyn Miller as mentor and cultural guide.

This Project was supported by
The Australia Council for the Arts
Center of Contemporary Arts, CairnsCreative Practice Lab in the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

Alister Spence and Salina WaitThe UNSW Composition to Movement Festival (C2M)

Is there an art to collaboration? How do artists collaborate with each other? Where does an individual practice stop and a new collaborative work begin? How do we deal with the complexities of different creative processes and practices?

The UNSW Composition to Movement Festival (C2M) as part of Vivid Sydney brought together composers, choreographers, artists, students and the community to experience and discuss the art of collaboration.

Collaborators included
John Peterson + Sue Healey | Alister Spence + Nalina Wait
Madeleine Flynn + Tim Humphrey + Martin del Amo
And a roundtable discussion with Michael Hooper (Chair) + Clare Grant + Manolete Mora + Andrew Murphie
Supported by XHums

IOU Dance

IOU2 Dance

Paea Leach, Kristina Chan, Joshua Thomsonn Narelle Benjamin + Benjamin Hancock,
Martin del Amo
+ Sue Healey, Timothy Ohl + Gavin Clarke

iOU Dance rocked the local dance scene in 2011 with its hugely successful debut. This led to an acclaimed stint at the 2012 Spring Dance Festival at Sydney Opera House.

This second season of short works featured some of Sydney’s most exciting choreographers and dance artists. With the support of the Creative Practice Lab at Io Myers Studio, the artists developed a series of six short solos and duets which ranged from stand alone pieces to explorations for larger works. 

Mette Jakobsen

Mette Jakobsen

UNSW Graduate and author of The Vanishing Act in conversation with author Margo Lanagan (“Tender Morsels”, “Yellowcake”)

UNSWriting’s public seminar series presented Mette Jakobsen, doctoral graduate from Creative Writing from UNSW. The Vanishing Act, published by Text, is a magical and sorrowful tale of love and loss set on an imagined island so tiny it can’t be found on any maps.

Mette Jakobsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1964 and now lives Sydney. She is an established playwright and several of her plays have been broadcast on ABC national radio.

Jane mcJane McKernan 

Critical Path Partnership

In collaboration with Brian Fuata, Carlee Mellow, Elizabeth Ryan and Lizzie Thomson, Jane explores the concept of unison. The project explores methodologies for how unison performance might happen, but bypasses the conventional methods of visual learning, mirrors and rehearsal. Instead it aims to create a group body/ group thinking whereby individuals can arrive at the same material at the same time.

2010 Visiting Artists

Nikki Heywood

Nikki Heywood

UNSW Dance Research Residency Program
Critical Path Partnership

A sharing of research by Nikki Heywood. Nikki Heywood in collaboration with dramaturg Bryoni Trezise and performance maker Nigel Kellaway have been exploring the interruptions of a space, of chairs, of words and open doorways.

drawing: Rena Czaplinska-Archer

Sara-Jayne Howard

Sarah-Jayne Howard

UNSW Dance Research Residency Program
Critical Path Partnership

A sharing of research by Sarah-Jayne Howard. A controlled environment where temperature and oxygen are manipulated. Sarah-Jayne in collaboration with dramaturg Nathan Page and dancers Timothy Ohl and Alice Hindehave been experimenting with an original, raw, explosive vocabulary, moving like an animal, neither male nor female…or at times both.