Barbora Baronová

Barbora Baronová

Barbora Baronová is a literary documentarian and publisher coming from the Czech Republic. Being the PhD student at Tomas Bata University in Zlin within the studio of Audiovisual Arts she was accepted for the Research Practicum Program at UNSW where she works on her PhD thesis “Women on Women”.

As a literary documentarian she is focusing on topics related to women, their expected status in the society and stereotypes linked to their roles. Listening to women stories and recording “the female voices” she aims to contribute to the female oral history covering most important topics within the 20th and 21st centuries.

In close co-operation with photographer Dita Pepe she has created several compact literary-photographic documentary projects which includes more than hundred women from the Czech Republic, Japan, South Africa as well as Australia.

Over the course of collecting and sharing the female narratives by creative means she has realized how delicate the work of the documentary maker, with regard to the intimacy, privacy and individual approach to the creation of the documentary, and therefore interesting for possible research, can be.

“As a documentary maker I undergo situations requiring personal engagement also behind my own mental or physical intimate or comfort zone. In the documentary making I am becoming observer, participant, influencer, as well as the creator of the documentary content,” she clarifies the reasons to start her PhD research. “Coming from the post-communist country with the feminism discredited by patriarchal, paternalistic regime I am convinced due to my experience that the act of documentary creation is strongly influenced by the specific Czech history having an impact on the current role and status of the Czech documentary makers as well as the documentary content. In order to support my research in the Czech Republic I have decided to include an example of the Western country whose experience with feminism is different to compare particular aspects of creative approaches within the practice of documentary films and books in various artistic, working and living conditions.”

Barbora is the owner and the curator of the small art publishing house wo-men ( She has contributed to the literary world with seven documentary books, all of which are well-recognized for their influential content and artistic character. The books were awarded many Czech and International prizes. She believes in the concept of “bibliodiversity” by Susan Hawthorne and the necessity of spreading voices, marginalized by the society.

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