Justin Shoulder

Justin Shoulder

Performance Space Residency

Carrion is a new solo performance work by Justin Shoulder that introduces the eponymous figure of Carrion, a post-human clown who has the ability to shapeshift into multiple forms and speak multiple languages. The work evokes a post-apocalyptic landscape rife with decay, where the human and the android have merged for survival. Carrion uses the performance space as an archaeological site to uncover queered and Filipino ancestral mythologies, and imagine multiple futures that transcend the dystopic/utopic binary of the anthropocene. Emerging from extended collaboration and training with Victoria Hunt, Shoulder has devised an articulated gestural language for Carrion using BodyWeather methodologies to strengthen his performance practice. This residency will focus on further developing the choreography of the work, as well as integrating the immersive light and visual design of Ben Cisterne into the work. A score will accompany Carrion’s movement vocabulary from composer Corin Ileto and costume by Matthew Stegh fusing the human and bionic.


Justin Shoulder has been working in performance, installation and queer nightlife events production for the past nine-years. He considers his practice to be a part of a queer ecology co-creating both the spaces for performative expression as well as the figures that inhabit these spaces with his collective The Glitter Militia. Over this time Shoulder has created a family of performance figures called The Fantastic Creatures drawing from the universal storytelling form of the mythical creature. Each creature he has birthed is realised through the construction of full-body highly sculptural avatars and animated by their respective gestural vocabularies. They inhabit nightclubs, theatres, galleries and the street, as well as screen based and virtual spaces.

Victoria Hunt is a Sydney-based dancer, choreographer and teacher. Her tribal affiliations are to Te Arawa, Rongowhaakata, Kahungunu Maori, English and Irish. She is a founding member of De Quincey Co since 1999; guest performer with Mau Company (NZ); and co-curator of The Weather Exchange. Since 2003 Victoria has created a body of solo performance work in collaboration with other interdisciplinary artists. Copper Promises: Hinemihi Haka premiered at Performance Space in 2012, was nominated for a Helpmann Award for Best Female Performer in Dance and toured to the UK and Canada. Tangi Wai…the cry of water premiered in Performance Space’s 2015 Liveworks festival.

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Image by Alex Davies