Nikki Heywood

Nikki Heywood

UNSW Dance Research Residency Program
Critical Path Partnership

16 - 27 July | Io Myers Studio

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” - Nikola Tesla

All movement, sound, light and life itself begins with an energetic vibration, and extends the field of vibration beyond itself from moving cells to sound waves, from touch to radiating light.

Collaborators Nikki Heywood (choreographer), Mark Cauvin (sound), Heidrun Lohr (image) and Hellen Sky (provocateur) will focus on a limited range of materials and ways of activating vibration and frequency.


Nikki Heywood is a Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist working across dance, performance, writing and live art. Nikki’s practice includes devising, direction and choreography as a solo performer, in collective creation and collaboratively generated projects.

Mark Cauvin is a classically trained Double Bass interpreter and performer of contemporary solo double bass music. Mark continues to research the double bass to create a new method for double bass technique that transforms the resonating harmonics of the instrument.

Heidrun Löhr is a German born artist working in the medium of performance and dance photography, and stop-frame animation.

Hellen Sky is an Australian trans-disciplinary artist-choreographer. Hellen’s choreography senses connections between matter tangible, textual, imaginary, and the movement between the physical and virtual world using computer interactivity, live camera and the body.

In partnership with Critical Path

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