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Roundtable - Story-Telling, Diaspora Identities, Trauma And Memory

Watch the trailers for the films discussed during this Roundtable here:

Mary Zounarzi: the Dogs of Democracy
Behrouz Boochani and Arash Kamali Sarvestani: Chauka Please Tell Us The Time
Su Goldfish: The Last Goldfish

Race & Comedy - Osamah Sami in conversation with Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Political Thriller – Wong Souk Yee in conversation with Colin Chua

Aboriginal Crime Writing - Nicole Watson, in conversation with Alison Whittaker

Cosmopolitan Queer - Alison Whittaker, Anna Westbrook & Peter Polites

Foreign-ness – Michelle Cahill & Ouyang Yu

In Conversation with Jeanine Leane

UNSWriting - Evie Wyld in conversation with Clementine Ford

UNSWriting - Marie Munkara in conversation with Anne Brewster by samUNSW

UNSWriting - Eimear McBride In Conversation by samUNSW

UNSWriting - Jeremy Scahill In Conversation by samUNSW