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E8 Theatres now open!

Venues & Hire

Our venues and resources are managed by the UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) with the SAM school office. While primarily for student and staff coursework and research, we are pleased to make them available to the Arts Industry and commercial hires.

Information on each venue and resource below.


E8 Theatres
Io Myers Studio // Studio One
Students & Hires
UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL)
| 02 9385 5684 | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

Robert Webster Building
SAM Students & Staff

School of the Arts & Media office (SAM) | 02 9385 4856

Technical Equipment
UNSW Students & Staff

Technical Resource Centre (TRC) | 02 9385 1333
Visit the TRC website


E8 Theatres Entrance

Located in the newly built E8 Theatres Building you'll find Io Myers Studio, Studio One and the UNSW Creative Practice Lab. It's so new, it's not even on the map yet!

Enter the UNSW Kensington campus via Gate 2 High St and turn right at the roundabout into Third Avenue. The entrance is off this road, opposite the University Terraces carpark. Photo of our entrance above. 

The Creative Practice Lab offices are on the basement level. Enter through the glass doors and down the stairs to the left, or, down the elevator and along the corridor to the right. 

There is very limited parking in the Gate 2 area around the E8 Theatres. During the day, paid parking is available opposite our entrance beneath the University Terraces. Free parking is available from 6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed through Day Ave. There are loading zones around the Gate 2 area.

Loading Bay
There is a loading bay for our building on the opposite side of Building E8, the Science and Engineering Building next to us. Access is via a goods lift and through the basement corridors. Contact us for more details about using the loading bay. 

More information on getting to UNSW.
Download a campus map showing our new location.  (PDF) [9 Mb]

The map above shows the old Io Myers Studio. We're just next door!

E8 Theatres // Io Myers Studio

Io Myers Studio

We recently moved into new venues and information here will be updated over the coming weeks. 

Hires & Students Contact | 02 9385 5684 | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

The space within Io Myers Studio was designed to allow for the creative mind to explore and execute works of every type. A fully flexible space, the Studio hosts a wide range of activities, from students working on their first productions to Australia's premier performance artists. The venue is suitable for live performance, video screenings and cross-media experimental works.

A prized teaching space, the venue hosts class presentations, production lessons and workshops, featuring a number of major School productions throughout the year. The space also hosts a number of artistic residencies, with research into performance and cross media a key focus. Recognised by the creative industries, many professional artists and companies choose to develop and rehearse their works in Io Myers when it's available.

The venue has timber flooring with the option of black tarkett over a performance area if desired. Mobile retractable Acromat bench seating means that the space can be used in a number of different configurations. This can seat a maximum of 124 people. The Studio is well equipped with fully flexible lighting, sound and video projection equipment, including a 4m remote controlled screen.

Visit our events calendar to see what's happening in the space!

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E8 Theatres // Studio One

Studio One

We recently moved into new venues and information here will be updated over the coming weeks.

Hires & Students Contact | 02 9385 5684 | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

Studio One is an intimate black box theatre seating up to 70 people. While the standard set up is an end-on stage, the seating is flexible and can be reconfigured (please note: it is the responsibility of the user to move and return the seating to the standard set up). As well as a teaching space, student groups fill the calendar with a range of performances, comedy evenings, installation works and screenings - however this space is also available for external hires.

This space has an easily accessible and flexible lighting grid and sound system. With countless layers of black paint hiding past sets and productions, this venue has proven to be ideal for developing or presenting contemporary art forms as well as low budget theatrical productions and small film shoots.

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Rehearsal Studios

Webster Studio 332

Please note: The Webster rehearsal studios are not available for external hire. These spaces are only available for SAM students and staff for coursework and research.

One option for space hire is the ReadyMade Rehearsal Space, Ultimo. A multi-purpose rehearsal space suitable for the performing arts and an artist-run space. INFO HERE:

To book space (SAM Students and Staff Only)
School of the Arts and Media office | 02 9385 4856

Contact for Technical Equipment
Technical Resource Centre (TRC) | 02 9385 1333
Visit the TRC website

The Robert Webster Building is home to the School of the Arts and Media (SAM) and its administrative and academic staff. The building includes modern facilities to facilitate and extend student experience of cross art and media practices involving all disciplines under the SAM umbrella, while being able to strengthen skills and knowledge in their specific area of study.

There are two large Dance/Drama Studios with vinyl sprung floors. These are teaching spaces used by the School and have been used by performance companies and other groups for rehearsals and workshops (currently undergoing upgrades). See below for the dimensions and equipment in each space.

There are 4 film viewing rooms, 3 Video/Sound editing rooms, a stop-motion animation studio, multi-media labs and a number of computer labs. Software used and taught in the School includes Final Cut Pro, Media 100, I Movie, Pro Tools and Life Forms. Equipment available to students for their coursework includes video cameras, basic lighting kits, DAT recorders and CD and DVD burners.

Non-SAM Students
It may be worth your while to join Arc - UNSW Student Life for FREE. They have dance and rehearsal spaces available to students to hire.
Visit the Arc website for more information

Props, Costume and Equipment Hire

Costume Hats

We house a truly eclectic assortment of prop and costume items. Imagine your favourite Op Shop, add more glitter, fake fruit and renaissance clothes. We also have basic set items like rostra and standard theatre flats.

Limited equipment is available for the Arts Industry and commercial hire only. Please note, we don't do party hire (we know how that ends). 

All resources are free to SAM students and staff for coursework and research. 

Click here for more detail, including hire 'Terms & Conditions'.

Hires and Student Contact
CPL Designer, Paul Matthews | | 02 9385 5378 | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

Alternate Spaces

Arc Spaces

If you're a member of Arc UNSW Student Life there are a number of spaces available to hire.

Click here for information on how to book a space.

UNSW Venues & Events

For information on other venues on campus visit the UNSW Venues & Events website.