Music Facilities

Music & Music Education maintains a number of facilities, including a recording studio, electronic music lab, keyboard lab, lecture theatre and piano studios with grand and upright pianos. Some of these are available for hire over various periods through the calendar year.

If you wish to enquire or obtain more information about hiring any of these facilities, please contact the Creative Practice Lab at or on 9385 5684. Please note, piano rehearsal rooms cannot be booked by anyone other than students in the Music department.

It may be worth your while to join Arc - UNSW Student Life for FREE. You can practice on their piano for free between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Once a member, you can make bookings by emailing or ringing 9385 7700. You must leave them with your student card and a $5 deposit and you can book a max of 2hrs at a time. It’s a great deal and you get lots of other benefits if you join as well!

Visit the Arc website for more information.