Prop, Costume and Equipment Hire

Props and Costumes

The Creative Practice Lab manage a props and costume store with a truly eclectic assortment of items available to hire. From retro furniture to period lanterns or panniers to jeans, the props and costume store may just have what you need - including a bathtub. Free for students to use in their course work, the store is also open to the film and performance industries for all scales of production (this does not include ‘fancy dress').

To make an appointment with the CPL designer Paul Matthews, contact: or 9385 5378.

The prop store is near Io Myers Studio (Building D9, near Gate 2, High Street, Kensington) and the costume store is on the ground floor of the Robert Webster Building (see map). Paul is based in Io Myers Studio and will walk you to the costume store if required. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

Technical Equipment

There is a limited selection of equipment available for hire, including video and slide projectors, theatre and film lights. Course work and student activities take priority in the availability and allocation of this equipment. For information on equipment hire please contact the CPL Production Manager Mark Mitchell: or 9385 4863.