Please note: the props and costume stores are closed over the month of June while we move to new venues.

Please read the Hire Terms & Conditions below or download a copy here (PDF) [98 Kb].

Props and Costumes

The UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) manage a props and costume store with a truly eclectic assortment of items available to hire. From retro furniture to period lanterns and panniers to jeans, the props and costume store may just have what you need - including a bathtub. Free for students to use in their course work, the store is also open to the film and performance industries for all scales of production (this does not include ‘fancy dress' party hire).

Please make an appointment with the CPL Designer, Paul Matthews.

Prop Store Location
Next to Io Myers Studio (UNSW Map Reference D9).

Costume Store Location
Ground floor of the Robert Webster Building (UNSW Map Reference G14). Paul is based in Io Myers Studio and will walk with you to the costume store if required.

CPL Designer, Paul Matthews | | 02 9385 5378
Io Myers Studio | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

CPL Technical Equipment

There is a limited selection of equipment available for hire. From the digital projectors to analogue boom boxes. Resources include video and slide projectors, theatre and film lights, and zoom recorders. Course work and research take priority in the availability and allocation of this equipment.

CPL Production Manager, Mark Mitchell | | 02 9385 4863
Io Myers Studio | Monday to Friday 9:30am-5:00pm

Technical Resource Centre (TRC)

Located on level 2 of the Robert Webster Building, the TRC manage our techincal spaces and loan equipment to students. This includes 3 Video/Sound editing rooms, a stop motion animation studio, multi-media labs and a number of computer labs. Equipment available to students for their course work includes video cameras, basic lighting kits and audio recording equipment.

Contact | 02 9385 1333
Visit the TRC website

Hire Terms & Conditions


a) The hirer takes full responsibility for items used and must replace items damaged or stolen, or reimburse the UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) the cost amount.

Care for Costumes

a) All costumes must be washed or drycleaned before return. Please discuss with the CPL Designer if unsure of which items need to be drycleaned. All items must be reutrned neat, ironed and hung on coathangers where appropriate.

b) Unless discussed prior to the hire period, all items must be returned as hired. Alterations may be permitted, but must be discussed with the CPL Desiger.

Care for Properties, Furniture and Set Elements

a) Unless discussed prior to the hire period, all items must be returned as hired. Alterations may be permitted, but must be discussed with the CPL Desiger.

b) Drapes and curtains must be returned in clean and good condition. Do not use staples, nails or adhesives (including tape) to fix these items as it causes damage to the material. Please return these in the same bag you received them in (each bag is labeled).


a) The CPL is not a hire company and do not provide insurance against theft or damage, only a service to the advantage of hirers who must ensure equipment is returned in good condition.

b) We recommend hirers have a contingency to cover unfortunate costs or take out adequate insurance should equipment be damaged or stolen.

c) Lanterns borrowed or hired are not covered by venue lamp levies so any bulbs that fail must be replaced by the user.

d) The hirer must undertake to ensure that a suitable qualified person shall be in charge of equpment at all times. The CPL will not undertake to replace, repair or maintain equipment that fails during a hire period.

Thank you.