Studio One

Studio One is an intimate black box theatre seating up to 70 people. With the standard set up as an end on stage, the seating is flexible and can be reconfigured (please note: it is the responsibility of the user to move and return the seating to the standard set up). Along with being used as a teaching space, student groups tend to fill the calendar with a range of performances, comedy evenings, installation works and screenings - however this space is also available for external hires.

This space has an easily accessible and flexible lighting grid and sound system. With countless layers of black paint hiding past sets and productions, this venue has proven to be ideal for developing or presenting contemporary art forms as well as low budget theatrical productions.

For information on hiring Studio One lease contact the Creative Practice Lab at or on 9385 5684.

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Straight ahead as you enter Gate 2, High Street Kensington. Next to the Io Myers Studio. Reference D9 on UNSW Maps or download the CPL Facilities Map (PDF).

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