Associate Professor Anne Brewster

BA Adel, PhD Flinders

School of the Arts & Media


+61 2 9385 2302
+61 2 9385 6812
215, Level 2 Robert Webster
Kensington Campus



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    Book Chapters

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    Journal articles

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    Conference Papers

    • Brewster A, 2009, 'Indigenous sovereignty in the poetry of Romaine moreton', in Australian Literary Studies, pp. 108 - 120
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    Creative Written Works

    • Brewster A, 2015, Heart, 'Whaddya Know?' Writings for Syd Harrex, Blaber B, (ed.), Wakefield Press
    • Brewster A, 2012, Travelogue, Engaging with Literature of Commitment; The Worldly Scholar, eds Collier et al, Amsterdam: Rodophi 2012, Rodophi
    • Brewster AR;Smith H, 2003, Affections: Friendship,Community, Bodies, Text: Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs., Griffith Univ

Teaching and Supervision

Anne has won a UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision (2008).

She welcomes requests to supervise PhD, MA and honours students

Her current postgraduate supervisions include:

  • Alissa Coons "Voluntary Exiles, Incidental Immigrants: Episodes from Globalised Lives" (non-fiction novel and scholarly dissertation).
  • Anne Cossins The Night the Cemetery Talked (novel)
  • Vanessa Alexander Female Comedy (television script and scholarly dissertation)
  • Robin Hemley A Manifesto for Limbo (novel) and "Speculation and Conjecture in Contemporary Nonfiction
  • Jacqueliene Bailey "Writing as an Act of Giving" (fictionalised memoir and scholarly dissertation)

Her past supervisions include:


  • Charlotte Wood (2016) The Natural Way of Things (novel) and “Looking for Trouble: Problem-finding Processes in Literary Creativity”
  • Suzette MayrConcrete Swans(novel) and “The Architecture of Bad Dreams: The Sentient House in Australian and Canadian Literature
  • Roanna Gonsalves (2016) Up Sky Down Sky Middle Water (short stories) and “Writer vs Money: Negotiating the Field of English Literature in English”
  • Luther Uthayakumaran (2015) Judgement (novel) and “Pain at midnight: Representation of trauma and justice in Sri Lankan civil war literature”
  • Sue Parker (2015) Winter, the Trees (novel) and “The Spatial Field of Plots: Space, Time and Plot in Joseph Furphy’s Such is Life”
  • Marygai Hayllar (2012) ‘Framing the Hayllar Sisters: A Multi-genre Biography of Four English Victorian Painters’ (biography and scholarly dissertation)
  • Mette Jakobsen (2010) Skeleton Bird (novel) and “Into the Wood”
  • Diane Powell (2007) “Reverberations: An Exploration of Memory and Cultural Identity” (fictocritical thesis)
  • Rebecca Housel (2007) “My Truth: Women Speak Cancer” (fictocritical thesis)
  • Jenny Breukelaar (2007) Viper (novel) and “Heroics of the False: A New Look at Noir”
  • Rebecca Curran (2007) “Internal Difference/Where the Meanings are: A Theory of Productive Mourning” (fictocritical thesis)
  • Paula Abood (2006) Shaharazad (stories) and “The Arab as Spectacle: Race, Gender and Representation in Australian Popular Culture”
  • Ben Peek (2006) A year in the city (novel) and dissertation
  • Andrew Watts (2006) Fragments of a Former Moon (novel) and “Metonymy and Trauma: Re-presenting Death in the Literature of W.G. Sebald”
  • Eric Hansen (2005) Friction: "the umbrella encounters the sewing machine" (fictocritical thesis)
  • Souk-Yee Wong (2004) Expelled (novel) and “Negotiating Nationalist Discourse: Singaporean Resistance Literature”

MA (Research)

  • Luther Uthayakumaran (2003) “To Speak of Silence: Post-coloniality and the Narration of Pain in Context of the Civil War in Sri Lanka” (stories and scholarly dissertation

Undergraduate Courses

Anne convenes

  • ARTS 3024 Writing Bodies
  • ARTS3034 Advanced Creative Writing

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