Associate Professor Brigitta Olubas

Program Convenor: English, Creative Writing and Film Studies
BA (Hons 1) DipEd Tas, MA (Hons 1) Syd, PhD UNSW
School of the Arts & Media


+61 2 9385 2303
Room 225, Level 2, Robert Webster


Semester 2 2017: Mondays 10-11; Tuesdays 3-4
Fields: Cultural Studies, Literary Studies
Tags: Languages and Literature, Other Cultural Understanding

I teach and research in the areas of contemporary writing, Australian Literature, women writers, feminist aesthetics, literary and visual culture, critical theory, nineteenth and twentieth century fiction.

I am available to supervise Honours and postgraduate research in the following areas: Australian literature, literary modernism, cultural studies, feminist theory, women's writing, literary and visual culture, transnational literary cultures, nineteenth-century fiction.

I am currently a nominated supervisor for the UNSW Scientia postgraduate scheme on the topic of International Australian Literary Cultures and welcome inquiries from prospective local and international doctoral students on this topic:

Current PhD supervisions:

I am currently supervising students working in the following areas: biography of Marjorie Barnard; the work of Antigone Kefala; African-American women's confinement narratives

Completed PhD supervisions (primary or joint supervisor):

Shaun Bell, "Writing the Hyphen: Queer Masculinities, Nationalism, and Literary Transnationalism" (2017 - primary supervisor)

Jacinta Kelly, "Counting bodies: the untempered spaces of Mina Loy" (2015 - primary supervisor)

Naomi RIddle, "'A Pale Expectancy' - female mobility and the post-war space in the novels of Jessica Anderson, Shirley Hazzard and Elizabeth Harrower" (2015 - joint supervisor with Elizabeth McMahon)

Marina Mihova, "Reading In-between Language, Image, and Things in the Writing of Lyn Hejinian" (2013 - primary supervisor)                                                              

Suzanne Stuart, "Steven Phone Home: the Cultural Ambivalences of Family in the Cinema of Steven Spielberg" (2012 - primary supervisor)

Darien Rozentals,"Monumental Amnesia: Reading the spatial narratives of contemporary urban landscapes" (2008 - primary supervisor)

Kate Livett, "Subjects, Objects and the fetishisms of modernity in the works of Gertrude Stein" (2006 - primary supervisor)

Paula Abood, "The Arab as Spectacle: Race, Representation and Gender in Popular Culture" (2007 - joint supervisor with Anne Brewster)

Rebecca Curran, "'Internal Difference / Where the Meanings Are': A Theory of Productive Mourning" (2007 - joint supervisor with Anne Brewster)

Anthea Taylor, "Stones, ripples, waves: Refiguring The First Stone media event" (2005 - primary supervisor)

Martia Bullock, "Timely figurations: the dialectics of trash in the work of four Australian artists of the nineties" (2004 - joint supervision with Elizabeth McMahon)

Matthew Cleveland, "The Substrates of Transgression: A Žižekian Account of four Iceberg Slim novellas" (2001 - primary supervisor)

Amanda Fernbach, "Synthetic selves, techno idols and the dominatrix : cultural fetishisms from decadence to the post-human" (2000 - joint supervisor with Roslyn Diprose)



Brigitta Olubas is Associate Professor of English. Princial research areas include: Australian Literature and transnational writing, Australian modernity, literary and visual culture studies, gender studies and narrative ethics.

Recent publications include an edition of Hazzard's non-fiction writings for Columbia University Press, and a collection of essays on Elizabeth Harrower, co-edited with Elizabeth McMahon, due 2017 from Sydney University Press

Currently supervising Honours and PhD research in the following areas: Australian literature, literary modernism, feminist theory and women's writing, literary and visual culture, transnational literary cultures and nineteenth-century fiction.



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    Creative Written Works

    • Olubas B, 1997, Donna Marcus - `99% Pure Aluminium` Noosa Regional Gallery, Eyeline


Course Convenor:

ARTS1030 Forms of Writing: Literature, Genre Culture

ARTS2031 Australian Literature

ARTS2038 Popular Fictions: Novels and Their Afterlives

Professional contribution

Managing Editor (with Prof Tony Simoes da Silva) of JASAL (Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature)

Vice-President (Financial) and founding Executive member of the AUHE (Australian Heads of University English)

Immediate Past President of ASAL (Association for the Study of Australian Literature)

Executive of the NSW English Association

Affiliations and membership

Association for the Study of Australian Literature

Modern Language Association 

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