Dr Jodi Brooks

Senior Lecturer
School of the Arts & Media


+61 2 9385 5635
+61 2 9385 6812
Room 231H, Level 2, Robert Webster
Kensington Campus


Tuesdays 3-4pm Wednesdays 1-2pm

Edited collections/Special issues

  •  Untimely Cinema, co-edited with Therese Davis, Special issue, Screening the Past 34 (2012)
  •  "Queer Media," co-edited with Michael Hurley and Leigh Raymond, Media International Australia 78 (1995)

Peer reviewed essays

  • Brooks, J, (2014), "The Kids Are All Right, the pursuits of happiness, and the spaces between,"  Camera Obscura 85 (special issue on The Place of the Contemporary Female Director).
  • Brooks, J, and Davis, T (2012), "Untimely Cinema: Cinema Out of Time" , Screening the Past 34 http://www.screeningthepast.com/2012/08/untimely-cinema-cinema-out-of-time/
  • Brooks, J (2012), "Missed Beats: Unseen Cinema and a Cinema of the Unseen (or Stella Dallas again)," Screening the Past 34.  http://www.screeningthepast.com/2012/08/missed-beats-unseen-cinema-and-a-cinema-of-the-unseen-or-stella-dallas-again/
  • Brooks, J (2011),"Cinema, Disappearance, and Scale in David Lynch's Inland Empire," Screening the Past 31 (http://www.screeningthepast.com/2011/07/cinema-disappearance-and-scale-in-david-lynch%E2%80%99s-inland-empire-2/
  • Brooks, J, (2010), "The State of the Discipline: Film Studies as Bad Object," Continuum 24.5.
  • Brooks, J, (2010), "Teaching Bad Cinema," Continuum 24.5.
  • Brooks, J, (2007), "The Lure of the breach; invisibility and the dissolution of cinematic vision," Screening the Past 22).
  • Brooks, J, (2003), “Ghosting the Machine: The sounds of tap and the sounds of film.” Screen 44.4: 355-378
  • Brooks, J, (2001), "Worrying the Note’: Mapping Time in the Gangsta Film,” Screen 42.4: 363-381.
  • Brooks, J, (2001), "Performing Aging/Performance Crisis(for Norma Desmond, Margo Channing, Baby Jane, and Sister George)," Senses of Cinema 16 (reprint).
  • Brooks, J, (2001), “The Sound of Knocking: Jacques Becker’s Le Trou,” Screening the Past 12.
  • Brooks, J, (1997), "Rituals of the Filmic Body, Writings on Dance 17: 15-20.
  • Brooks, J, (1992), "Fascination and the Grotesque: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?," Continuum 5.2:25-234/
  • Brooks, J, (1989), "Consumed by Cinematic Monstrosity," Art & Text (34): 79-94.

Selected Book Chapters

  • Brooks, J, (2017), "Gender Matters: gender policy and the re-writing of the mother-daughter narrative in contemporary Australian women's filmmaking," in Australian Screen in the 2000s, eds. Mark David Ryan and Ben Goldsmith (Palgrave Macmillan), pp.143-164.
  • Brooks, J, (2015) "Laurel Canyon (2002): lacuscular cinema," in US Independent Film After 1989: Possible Films, eds. Claire Perkins and Constantine Verevis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015), pp.91-101.
  • Brooks, J, (2013), "Invisibility's Beat: Ralph Ellison, rhythm, and cinema's blind field," in Off Beat: Pluralizing Rhythm, eds Jan Hein Hoogstad and Birgitte Stougaard (Amsterdam/New York: Thamyris/Rodopi, 2013), pp.149-168.
  • Brooks, J, (2011), "Teaching Bad Objects: An Introduction," and "The State of the Discipline: Film Studies as bad object," in After Taste: Cultural Value and the Moving Image, eds Julia Vassilieva and Constantine Verevis, Routledge.
  • Brooks, J, (2004), "'Worrying the Note': Inaudible Beats in the Gangsta Film," in Aural Cultures, ed. Jim Drobnick, YYZ: Toronto.
  • Brooks, J, (1999), "Performing Aging/Performance Crisis (for Norma Desmond, Margo Channing, Baby Jane, and Sister George)," in Figuring Age: Women, Bodies, Generations, Cultures, ed. Kathleen Woodward, Indiana University Press.( Republished in Senses of Cinema 16.
  • Brooks, J, (1999), "Crisis and the Everyday: Some Thoughts on Gesture and Crisis in Cassavetes and Benjamin," in Falling for You, eds. Lesley Stern and George Kouvaros , Power Publications.
  • Brooks, J, (1995), "Between Contemplation and Distraction: Cinema, Obsession and Involuntary Memory," Kiss Me Deadly: Feminism and Cinema for the Moment, ed. Laleen Jayamanne, Power Publications.

Selected Reviews

  • Review article, Arthur Knight, Disintegrating the Musical, Screening the Past June 2003.
  • Review article, Jonathan Crary Suspensions of Perception: Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture, reviewed in Screening the Past (Nov. 2000).
  • "The Force of the Image," feature review of Fugitive Images, ed. Patrice Petro, UTS Review 4.1 (May 1998).

Research Areas

  • Film sound
  • Theories of film and media time
  • Feminist film theory and feminist cinema
  • Television theory
  • Theories of spectatorship
  • The film musical, dance, and performance


I teach the following courses in the Film Studies major:



Current PhD supervisions

  • Caroline Grose "Child/adult pairings in contemporary screen fictions."
  • Jessica Ford "(Re)Historicising contemporary American feminist-postfeminist television and discourses on quality in the postnetwork era"
  • Kate Johnson, "Queer life documented on screen in Australian short film, 1970-1990."

Recent PhD and MA thesis completions

  • Dr Jessica Ford, "American Feminist Sensibiltity Television in the Post-Network Era" (PhD 2017).
  • Dr Rodney Wallis "The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Hollywood Cinema: the Middle East, the Cold War, and the construction of United States political identity" (PhD, 2016)
  • Dr Annette Barnes, "The Soundtracks of Australian Transcultural Cinema: re-sounding the past" (PhD, 2014)
  • Dr Megan Carrigy, "Performing History, troubling reference: tracking the screen re-enactment" (PhD, 2011). Awarded the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences PhD prize.
  • Dr Caroline Wake, "Performing Witness: Testimonial Theatre in the Age of Asylum, Australia 2000-2005" (PhD, 2010), joint supervised with Dr Meg Mumford.
  • Dr Effie Rassos “Questions of temporal presence and absence in comtemporary film and video” (PhD, 2006) 
  • Dr Teresa Rizzo “From the cinematic apparatus to cinematic assemblages: a feminist intervention” (PhD, 2005). 
  • Dr Erin Brannigan “A cinema of movement: Dance and the moving image” (PhD, 2004).
  • Dr Tara Forrest “The politics of imagination in Benjamin, Kracauer, and Kluge” (PhD, 2005, awarded the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences PhD prize). 
  • Dr Deborah Staines “Representations of Auschwitz” (PhD, 2002).
  • Tara Forrest “Habitual Perception and Film” (MA, 2000)

Honours and prizes

FASS Dean's Learning & Teaching Award (2014) for Outstanding Track Record in Higher Degree Research Supervision.

ARC Postgraduate Council Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision Award (2014)

Screen Award for Excellence in Screen Studies (UK, 2002).  http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/screen/award.html

Humanities Research Program Dissertation Award, 1998, University of New South Wales for thesis: Benjamin for Girls: Cinema, Spectatorship, Fascination”

Professional contribution

Member of the Sydney Film Festival Film Advisory Panel.


Affiliations and membership

Member of the Film Advisory Panel, Sydney International Film Festival.

Vice-President (Australia), Screen Studies Association of Australian and New Zealand (SSAAANZ)

Other information


Humanities Research Program (UNSW) Teaching Release Award, 2002
Small ARC Grant, 2000: “Black Popular Music in Hollywood Cinema.”
Small ARC Grant, 1999: "Mapping the Ghetto and Urban Space in the Contemporary Gangsta Film." 
Small ARC Grant, 1996-7 (Melbourne University): "Aging Women in Cinema: Performance Crisis."
Special Initiatives Grant (Melbourne University) 1995-6: "Performing Aging."

Conference convening
“Time, Memory, and the Moving Image.” One-day conference, UNSW (2005), co-convened with Prof. Paula Hamilton (UTS)
“Cinema and the Senses.” International film conference, UNSW 1998. Co-convened with Dr Laleen Jayamanne (USyd) and Dr George Kouvaros (UNSW)