Dr John Attridge

B.A. Hons (University of Sydney) Ph.D. (University of Sydney)
School of the Arts and Media


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Room 228, Robert Webster
Fields: Comparative Literature Studies, British and Irish Literature, North American Literature, Literature in French
Tags: School of the Arts and Media

John Attridge is a Lecturer in English in the School of the Arts and Media. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney in 2007 and taught at the Université Paris 7 before starting at UNSW in 2009. His research is on Anglo-American and French modernisms, and especially Joseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, Henry James and Marcel Proust. His essays on Conrad, Ford and James have appeared in journals such as ELH, The Henry James Review, Modernism/modernity and The Times Literary Supplement.

When not finishing his book on modernism, impressionism and the rise of professional society, he is developing two research projects, one focused on changing conceptions of trust in the early twentieth century, and the other to do with modernist periodicals. He welcomes PhD supervisions in twentieth-century literature and periodical studies.



    • Attridge J; Rosenquist R, (eds.), 2013, Incredible Modernism: Literature, Trust and Deception, 2013, Ashgate, Farnham

    Book Chapters

    • Attridge J, 2013, 'Episodic trust: self, society and sociology in A la recherche du temps perdu', in Attridge J; Rosenquist R (ed.), Incredible Modernism: Literature, Trust and Deception, edn. 2013, Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 199 - 214
    • Attridge J, 2013, 'Eclecticism and its discontents: Les Ecrits nouveaux (1917-22) and La Revue européenne (1923-31)', in Brooker P; Bru S; Thacker A; Weikop C (ed.), The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines: Volume III: Europe 1880 - 1940, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 203 - 218
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    • Attridge J, 2008, ''We Will Listen to None but Specialists': Ford, the rise of specialization, and the English Review', in Gasiorek A; Moore D (ed.), Ford Madox Ford. Literary Networks and Cultural Transformations, Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 29 - 42

    Journal articles


I mostly teach twentieth-century literature, and am especially interested in modernism and the novel. I welcome PhD and Honours supervisions on these and related topics. I have convened the courses "Jane Austen in Context" and "Modernism and Modernity", and currently convene "Modernism: Text and Screen."

Other Information

Fellowships and Awards

Bruce Harkness Young Conrad Scholar Award 2010

Harry Ransom Center Fellow 2009-10