Dr Laetitia Nanquette

Lecturer and Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow
BA (Sorbonne University, Paris); PhD (SOAS, University of London)
School of the Arts & Media


+61 (2) 9385 7792
Room 216, Level 2, Robert Webster
Kensington Campus
Fields: Comparative Literature Studies, Postcolonial and Global Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, Middle Eastern Literature, Migrant Cultural Studies


Laetitia is a Lecturer and Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow in the School of the Arts and Media.

She was trained in France, the United Kingdom, Iran and the United States before coming to Australia. She frequently travels to Iran for research fieldworks.

In 2011, she completed her PhD in Middle Eastern literary and cultural studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her thesis received the honorable mention of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Leigh Douglas Memorial Prize.

In 2011-2012, she was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the Department of Comparative Literature at Harvard University.

She joined UNSW in 2013 as a Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

She is interested in modern and contemporary Middle Eastern literatures, particularly in Persian literature; the circulation of literature and culture between the Middle East and the diasporas; the relations between the West and the postcolonial world; World Literature; literature and globalization, exile and diaspora literatures.

Her current work project as a DECRA Fellow is entitled: "A Global Comparative Study of Contemporary Iranian Literature". 

This project reveals how literature circulates in a globalized world and evidences the diversity generated out of globalization processes. As a case study of a rich culture constrained by recent political changes and decentralized in diasporic communities, the Iranian example is particularly significant in considering non-Western types of globalization. Detailing how national and global literary practices are connected, this project is the first comparative study examining Iranian literatures and their circulation on a global scale, in Iran and in the Iranian diaspora in Australia, the United States and Western Europe.

She is also interested in translation studies and in the practice of translation. Her translations of Iranian short stories into French have been published in literary journals, and she has translated Persian poems by Mohammad Hossein Abedi into English with Ali Alizadeh: http://www.lyrikline.org/en/poems?nav=1&translatorname=1874 , as well as short stories i.e. http://mascarareview.com/the-burial-by-bijan-najdi-translated-by-laetitia-nanquette-ali-alizadeh/

She is Editor for the Persian/Iranian Writing and Culture volume of The Literary Encyclopedia, ed. Dr Robert Clark: http://www.litencyc.com

To view Laetitia's book 'Orientalism Versus Occidentalism: Literary and Cultural Imaging Between France and Iran Since the Islamic Revolution', please click here.

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Honours and prizes

2015-2019: Australian Research Council DECRA

2014 Received the Dean’s Research Award “Achievement by an Early Career Researcher”, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW

2011-2012: Four Research Grants for Harvard Visiting Scholarship: Fulbright commission; Arthur Sachs Foundation; Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute; Fondation La Ferthé

2010 and 2009: PhD scholarship: Houtan Foundation

Affiliations and membership

Cultural Studies Association of Australasia

American Comparative Literature Association

Postcolonial Studies Association

Modern Language Association

Association for Iranian Studies

Centre for Iranian Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies

Association for the Study of Australian Literature


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Translation of Persian poems, i.e. http://www.lyrikline.org/en/poems?nav=1&translatorname=1874 and short stories, i.e. http://mascarareview.com/the-burial-by-bijan-najdi-translated-by-laetitia-nanquette-ali-alizadeh/