Dr Peter White

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D (University of Sydney), B.A. (Hons) University of Sydney, B.A. (Hons) University of Adelaide, Graduate Certificate in ESL Teaching (University of New South Wales)
School of the Arts & Media


+61 2 9385 2364
Room 311F, Level 3, Robert Webster
Kensington Campus


Wednesdays - 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm (please email in advance to arrange a specific meeting time)
Fields: Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics, Discourse and Pragmatics, Language in Culture and Society (Sociolinguistics), Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy, Journalism Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Comparative Language Studies, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Linguistics
Tags: Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society, Communication Across Languages and Culture, Languages and Literacy

I teach linguistics (with a socio-semiotic orientation), discourse analysis and journalism studies and am one of the principal architects of the Appraisal framework (an approach to the study of evaluative language - see http://languageofevaluation.info/appraisal for detailed information, contacts, bibliographies/links and an introdoctory course). For a complete listing (with download links) of my publications, see www.prrwhite.info.

I welcome applications for PhD study in

  • all areas of discourse analysis (including studies of the discourses of journalism, politics, public relations and advertising),
  • translation studies and constrastive linguistics,
  • ediucational linguistics (e.g. literacy development, applications of genre-based pedagogy, bilingual education, indigenous education, etc.),
  • corpus and computation lingjuistics,
  • argumentation theory and the language of persuasion,
  • studies of the language of evaluation, stance and textual persona,
  • and new developments in Systemic Functional Linguistics.

Prior to undertaking postgraduate studies in linguistics, I worked at a journalist for some 15 years. 

I currently perform on saxophone and keyboards with the Travelling Circumstances, a jazz and blues combo of (mostly) linguists.


Dr White is one of the prinicipal architects of the Appraisal framework,an account of the means by which texts convey evaluative and attitudinal meanings. [See Language of Evaluation website for detailed information, contacts, bibliographies/links and an introdoctory course.] He is influential in the development of linguistics-based analyses of mass communicative discourse (journalism, politics, corporate communications, public relations and advertising) and in the contrastive analysis of journalism and political rhetoric across languages and cultures.

Dr White's further research interests include educational linguistics (literacy development, including English-language literacy development in indigenous and bilingual settings; genre-based pedagogy), translation studies and contrastive linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics (including sentiment analysis and opinion mining), argumenation theory and the language of pursuasion, and new developments in Systemic Function Linguistic theory. For a detailed listing (with download links) of Dr White's publications see www.prrwhite.info.

He supervises PhD candidates working across these different topic areas.

Prior to undertaking academic study, Dr White worked as a journalist and journalism trainer for almost 20 years (Sydney Morning Herald, The Adelaide Advertiser, Special Broadcasting Service -SBS). He gained his PhD from the University of Sydney in 2000 and prior to teaching media studies, linguistics, discourse analysis and journalism  at the University of New South Wales taught linguistics and journalism at the University of Adelaide, linguistics and English Language studies at the University of Birmingham (UK), journalism and media studies at the University of Wollongong and linguistics at the University of Sydney.,

He is also a semi-professional jazz musicians, currently performing on saxophone and keyboards with the Travelling Circumstances jazz combo.



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    Book Chapters

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    Journal articles

    • Makki M;White PR R, 2018, 'Socio-cultural conditioning of style and structure in journalistic discourse: The distinctively “objective” textuality of Iranian political news reporting', Discourse, Context and Media, vol. 21, pp. 54 - 63, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.dcm.2017.12.001
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    Conference Papers

    • White PR R, 2009, 'Media power and the rhetorical potential of the "hard news" report - attitudinal mechanisms in journalistic discourse', in VAKKI Symposium XXIX, University of Vaasa, Finland, University of Vaasa, Finland, pp. 30 - 49, presented at VAKKI Symposium XXIX, University of Vaasa, Finland, 13 - 15 February 2009


Currently supervising PhD students in the following topic areas:

  • journalistics discourse analysis (including contrastive studies),
  • political discourse analysis,
  • translation and interpretting studies,
  • contrastive linguistics and constrastive discourse analysis (across cultures and languages),
  • educational linguistics (issues in academic English, literacy development, ESL/EFL, genre-based pedagogy),
  • the language of evaluation and intersubjective stance,
  • argumentation theory and the language of persuasion,
  • critical discourse analysis.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Convener: News Reporting (MDIA1004)
  • Convener: Advanced Media Writing (MDIA2003)
  • Convener: Analysing Media Communication (MDIA2002)

Professional contribution

I act as literacy development consultant for a group of primary schools identified as having students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. I act in a similar capacity in a project developing teaching and learning resources for literacy developments in remote-area indigenous schools in the Anangu lands of northern South Australia.

I review for a number of academic journals including Discourse and Society, Critical Discourse Studies, Discourse, Context and Media, Functions of Language, and Functional Linguistics.

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