Tell your narrative. Your way.

In its 120-year history film has evolved from a novelty item to something that underlies and informs nearly every aspect of contemporary life. Film combines some of the most outstanding achievements of all the major arts while continuing to assert its dominance as the premier form of popular entertainment in most nations throughout the world. It is a medium for telling stories and a means for creatively documenting reality and expanding perceptual horizons as an experimental art form. It plays a crucial role in establishing contemporary cultural values and critiquing them. Moving images occupy our daily lives as entertainment, as a source of information, and as a form of self-documentation. They also inform medical procedures and training and can be legal evidence. Understanding what and how moving images “mean” can provide valuable and necessary insights into contemporary culture.

The critical analysis of film offers scope for exploring some of the most pressing issues of the contemporary world, relating to social inequalities, political injustices, aesthetic boundaries and ethical values. What role does cinema play in how we understand and experience the world, ourselves and others? How does cinema, as one of our most popular forms of storytelling, shape our sense of what is possible, desirable, acceptable? How do moving images – whether home movies, documentaries or historical dramas – shape our understanding of the past? How has the moving image impacted on traditional art forms such as opera and newer art forms such as durational art?

You’re a storyteller, plain and simple… Armed with a camera, a microphone, a landscape, a studio, a team, a screen. Your audience is the entire world.

As a Film Studies student, you will explore the intersections between popular culture, politics and aesthetics. Immerse yourself in the historical, theoretical and cross-cultural aspects of film. Your learning will involve practical experience in video production, project development, technical analysis and screenwriting. In the first stage of your studies, you will acquire foundational skills in film analysis and be introduced to a range of national cinemas. You will develop an understanding of the place of a major, global film industry through the study of Hollywood cinema. Understand what Hollywood is. Ask, does it even matter in the context of the global film industry?  Learn the power and value of independent production. These skills will equip you for further study of the industrial, aesthetic, cultural and technological dimensions of the medium.

As a student, you will draw on the expertise of a team of internationally esteemed scholars, both theorists and practitioners, who are committed to pursuing innovative research in the field. Your study of film will provide access to a dynamic research culture, including guest lectures from internationally renowned scholars and practitioners, affiliations and internships with film and media organisations, a lively film society, student film and video production groups, multimedia labs and a range of other practical resources.