Media. It's interdisciplinary, it's multi-faceted, it's central to our lives. The new media landscape is fragmented and complex. There is no nutshell. Follow it or lead… But understand it first. It's an area of study that involves the investigation of the professional, social, cultural, political and philosophical aspects of contemporary media technologies and practices.

Media & Communication at UNSW encompasses teaching and research expertise in a range of areas such as media and cultural theory, media in contemporary political and social formations, global media, journalism and communication, public relations and advertising and digital media production.

The Media undergraduate degree programs offer a wide range of courses in areas such as media writing, professional communication, media production, strategic communication, and communication ethics, combining the theoretical study of contemporary media with practice-based learning. The four specialist Bachelor of Media degrees and a Media, Culture and Technology major provide practical skills and a theoretical understanding of professional communication in a range of careers in media and communication.

Communication & Journalism

  • The platforms, the players, and the messages are changing. To survive in the media industry, you'll need the skills to work quickly, intelligently, without sacrificing your integrity.
  • Explore the world, find your narrative, and unveil the truth. All the truths.
  • Write more than clickbait. Do more than write. Find stories that matter, and learn how to tell them, in all sorts of ways

Screen & Sound Production

  • Navigate a variety of digital media forms to become a highly adaptable constructive collaborator, using cutting-edge technology.
  • Discover your creative niche and define your design manifesto.
  • Shape the story. Shoot, record, edit… Then share it with the world.
  • Discover your creative process, uncover other processes.
  • The world is gamified. Play by the rules or create them.
  • Learn to animate what you can imagine. The screen is your canvas.
  • Design and build an interactive installation, write a film score, propose a festival, create a serious game or warp reality.
  • Interact with technology on a whole new level. Reimagine the relationship between the human body and the computer.

Public Relations & Advertising

  • Prove the pen is mightier than the sword. It’s all about communication - your ability to promote a cause, represent ideas articulately, influence the outcome. Inspire innovation and change. Words and ideas are more than mighty.
  • Use practical advertising and communication skills to represent and promote companies, governments, agencies, individual clients and brands. Explore creativity, interactivity, ethics, sustainability and engagement. Equip yourself to be a strong leader. Provoke change at all levels of society.

Media research at UNSW covers the broad spectrum from journalism and public communication to digital technologies and the Internet, and examines these phenomena through the lenses of media and cultural theory, linguistic and semiotic theory, to uncover the social and political impact of media practices. In the latest Excellence in Research for Australia Report, Media and Communication at UNSW scored a 4 out of 5, putting our research at above world average.

Higher degree research candidates work with academics who are international leaders in their specialised fields, and have the opportunity to conduct practice-led research.