Are you a performer, composer, producer, or curator? You don't have to answer now. Most likely you're a mix of some (or all) of them.

Pursue excellence at a professional level. Music-making requires technical and stylistic mastery, and often an engagement with key issues that underlie music’s complexity and universality as a form of human behaviour. Music isn’t just an art form. It’s culturally significant with a global outreach, yet creates its own tight-knit community. This is fundamental to the UNSW Music program. Plus you can combine your music studies with complementary areas such as media, film, and performance.

The music program at UNSW seeks to instil the pursuit of excellence and develop the skills and knowledge to make music with confidence, artistic conviction and social commitment. Our program nurtures the student’s aspirations to develop their ability to the highest standards in performing, composing, researching, producing, or teaching by inculcating the self-awareness that solid technical, aesthetic, critical and intellectual foundations are critical to realising potential.

Pick up a new instrument, explore alternative cultures, shape sound with technology, discover new ways of creating and presenting music.

UNSW Music staff produce high-quality work across the spectrum, from mainstream academic research to creative artistic practice. Their scholarly work is recognised internationally and they also compose, perform and record in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK and Europe.