SAM Seminar Series

Research seminars at the School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

Our series of research seminars are a regular part of the annual schedule for the School.

The SAM Seminar Series provides a showcase and forum for local as well as international scholars, researchers, industry practitioners and creative artists – ranging from early-career to well-established – to present on their work.

All are welcome!

Light refreshments and drinks are provided once the official Q&A has concluded, to facilitate a period of convivial discussion.

Contact: SAM Seminar Convenor, John Attridge -

Program of SAM Seminars 2019

Term Three 2019

Week 2 - Tuesday 24 September 
G17, Robert Webster Building
Refugees in the Media: access and control 
Dr Valentina Bau (UNSW), Sukhmani Khorana (University of Wollongong), Steph Vajda (CuriousWorks)
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More SAM Seminars for Term 3 are TBA.

An archive of seminars with links to their abstracts is available below. If you have any questions about the seminar series please contact John Attridge -

Archive of SAM Seminar Program

Term Two 2019

Week 2 - Wednesday 12 June
Note: room changed to G17, Robert Webster Building
Ecocriticism and the Climate Crisis
Dr Katja Lindskog (Yale University)
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Week 4 - Wednesday 26 June
Note: room changed to G17, Robert Webster Building
The Truth about Narrative: Emergent Storytelling and Affective Publics in the Digital Age
Paul Dawson (UNSW)
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Week 6 - Wednesday 10 July
Towards a theory of conceptual trilateration: Understanding strategy’s centre of gravity
Paul Ryder (UNSW)
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Week 8 - Wednesday 24 July
Note: room changed to G17, Robert Webster Building
Writers on the Craft of Writing
Stephanie Bishop and Michelle de Kretser, in conversation 
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Term One 2019

Week 2 - Tuesday 26 February
Palestine and the Figure of the Palestinian in Lebanese Diaspora Literature
Jumana Bayeh, Macquarie University, with a response from Bill Ashcroft, UNSW
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Week 4 - Tuesday 12 March
Life After Nature: Speculative and Post-Natural Biologies in Art/Science
Elizabeth Stephens (UQ) with a response from Lindsay Kelley (UNSW Art & Design)
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Week 6 - Tuesday 26 March
Frontline Communities and Extractivism: Grassroot resistance to natural resource extraction
Prof. Dorothy Kidd (University of San Francisco), Dr Tanya Notley (Institute for Culture and Society and School of Humanities and Communication Arts), Prof. James Goodman (UTS), Associate Prof. Jason Santolo (UTS), chaired by Valentina Baú (UNSW)
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Week 8 - Tuesday 9 April
'Conceptual' approaches across Visual arts and Dance since the 1960s
Erin Brannigan (UNSW) 
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Semester Two 2018

Week 1 - Tuesday 24 July
Alternate venue - Room G17, Robert Webster Building
Platforming humiliation: the work of gender/sexual status in the platformed incitement to humiliate
Sarah Cefai, London College of Communication
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Week 2 - Tuesday, 31 July
Making Animals Public – inside the ABC’s animal archive
Gay Hawkins, Western Sydney University
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Week 5 - Tuesday, 21 August
How blue is Mozart?
Non-verbal sensory scales for describing music qualities

Antonio Rodà, University of Padova
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Week 6 - Tuesday, 28 August
Being-entrepreneurial: a desirable narrative *
Collin Chua, UNSW
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* Followed by a special event in conjunction with the 4S 2018 Conference:
First Nations Activism and Media Roundtable
Bronwyn Carlson, Claudia Magallanes-Blanco and Kyle Powys Whyte
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Week 8 - Tuesday, 11 September
Alternate venue - Io Myers Studio
Special Event:
Postgrad Research in Performance
Alexandra Talamo, Maria White and Mitchell Whitehead
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Week 9 - Tuesday, 18 September
Miss/Reading Beloved: White Feminists’ Violence and Imagining the Future
Mariya Nikolova, Potsdam University & UNSW
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Week 10 - Tuesday, 2 October
Humans, Data, Mediations
Edgar Gomez Cruz and Heather Ford, with Tanja Dreher, UNSW
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Week 12 - Tuesday, 16 October
The Fairlight
Adam Hulbert, Nicole Santilan and Isabella Loong, UNSW
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Week 13 Tuesday, 23 October
Special Event:
Provocations on Hope
SAM Scholars, Students and Friends
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Semester One 2018

Week 1 – Tuesday 27 February
Analysing Difference: Compositions, performing traditions, and individual artistic signatures
Dorottya Fabian, UNSW
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Week 3 - Tuesday 13 March 
Cordelia's Kiss
Sigi Jöttkandt, UNSW
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Week 5 - Tuesday 27 March 
Spaces of Complicity
Will Norman, University of Kent
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Week 6 - Tuesday 10 April
Post-Anthropocentric Creativity
Jan Løhmann Stephensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
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Week 8 - Tuesday 24 April
Strange Loops
Henry Sussman, Yale
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Week 10 - Tuesday 10 May
Strategic Silence in Public Relations
Roumen Dimitrov, UNSW
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Week 11 - Thursday 17 May
Using the Fantastic to Explore the Real
Isobelle Carmody, UQ
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Week 12 - Wednesday 23 May
Radio, Conflict and Land Grabbing in Sierra Leone
Valentina Baú, UNSW
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Semester Two 2017

Week 1 – Tuesday 25 July
Picturing Jane Austen’s Fiction
Devoney Looser, Arizona State University
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Week 3 – Tuesday 8 August
The Critical Power of the Residual
Barbara Formis, Sorbonne University, France
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Week 4 – Tuesday 15 August, * Webster Studio 334
Roy Howat and Chopin’s Etudes
Roy Howat, Keyboard Research Fellow at London’s Royal Academy of Music, and Research Fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow
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Week 5 – Tuesday 22 August
Seminar & Roundtable:  
The Work of an Intellectual

Fadma Ait Mous, Hassan II University, Casablanca
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Week 7 – Tuesday 5 September
The Cultural Turn in War: A Media Ecology
Mike Hill, University at Albany, State University of New York
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Week 10 – Tuesday 3 October
Multimodality and Organisation Studies
Renate Meyer, Vienna University
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Week 12 – Tuesday 17 October
Islands and the 'World' of Literature
Elizabeth McMahon, UNSW
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Semester One 2017

O-Week - 21 February
Remediations of Literary Modernism: Heiner Goebbel
Corey Wakeling, Kobe University
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Week 1 - Tuesday 28 February 
Changing Faces of the Expat in Hong King Writing
David Huddart, Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong
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* Cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience. *
Week 7 - Tuesday 11 April
Thinking Through Islands
Elizabeth McMahon, UNSW

Non teaching week - Tuesday 18 April
Queer characters in entertainment TV
Ava Parsemain, UNSW
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Week 8 - Wednesday 26 April (held at G17)
Promotional Cultures
Lee Edwards, University of Leeds
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Week 11 - Tuesday 16 May
An animal among the animals: H. G. Wells and the Thought of the Future
Chris Danta, UNSW
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Week 12 - Tuesday 23 May
More-Than-Human Re-membering: embodied texts and digital phenomena
Lissa Attaway-Holloway, University of Skovde
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* Cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience. *
Week 13 - Wednesday 31 May
Queer Collage: Kenneth Halliwell and Joe Orton’s Defaced Library Books
Ashley Shelden, Kennesaw State University
Melissa Hardie, University of Sydney
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Semester Two 2016

Week 3 - Tuesday 9 August
Research with UNICEF in the Philippines, on the use of participatory media and arts with adolescents in internally displaced people camps
Valentina Baú
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Week 4 - Wednesday 17 August, 5.30pm - 7pm
In conjunction with the Cinematic Thinking Network
The Square Screen: A Reflection on Unhip Cinema of the 1960s
Dana Polan, NYU
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Week 6 - Tuesday 30 August
Encountering Radical Absence: Traumatic Affects in the Digitally Mediated Experience of Disappearance
Michael Richardson, UNSW
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Week 8 - Tuesday 13 September
Visual Imagery as a Dialogue Form on Social Media‬‬‬‬
Danica Jovanovic, University of Southern Denmark
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Week 10 - Tuesday 4 October
Cross-Cultural Communication in Chinese Films
Yue Xiao-Ying, Southeast University, Nanjing
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Week 12 - Tuesday 18 October
Recomposing the Humanities with Bruno Latour: Launch of special edition of New Literary History journal
Stephen Muecke, UNSW
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After semester - Wednesday 14 December
Fantasies of Neglect: Imagining the Urban Child in American Film and Fiction
Pamela Robertson Wojcik, University of Notre Dame
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Semester One 2016

Week 3 – Tuesday 15 March
The World as Medium: Whitehead’s Media Theory
Andrew Murphie, UNSW
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Non-teaching week – Tuesday 29 March
On the global appeal of Danish television
Pia Jensen, Aarhus University (Denmark)
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Week 6 – Tuesday 12 April
On Music & Advertising
Manel Palencia-Lefler, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
Cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Week 8 – Tuesday 26 April
Scripts of Life: DNA, mammoths, and the persistence of the letter in the genome
Julian Murphet, UNSW
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Week 10 – Tuesday 10 May
Public Relations & Public Affairs
Jordi Xifra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
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Week 12 – Tuesday 24 May
The Arrival, Form and Meaning of the Early Modern Grotesque in England
Liam Semler, University of Sydney
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Semester Two 2015

Week 2 - Tuesday 4 August
Enhancing Chinese Understanding of Australian Culture and Society through Classic Australian Films
Wendy Bowcher, Sun Yat-Sen University
Anne O’Brien, UNSW
Greg Dolgopolov, UNSW
Jake Wilson, The Age, SMH
Chaired by Jane Mills, UNSW
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Week 4 - Tuesday 18 August
Semiotic technologies: The case of Smart Art
Theo Van Leeuwen, University of Southern Denmark
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Week 5 - Tuesday 25 August
The Environmentally Modified Self: Acclimatization and Identity in Early Victorian Literature
Roslyn Jolly, UNSW
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Week 7 - Tuesday 8 September
Ibsen Under the Radar: Censorship and the Practice of a Global Theatre Classic
Frode Hellend, University of Oslo
More information

Week 9 - Tuesday 22 September
The Sublime: A Scientific Theory
David Huron, Ohio State University
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Week 10 - Tuesday 6 October
Refashioning viewing experience with mobile media: A comparison of two trajectories in China
Elaine Zhao, UNSW
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Week 12 - Thursday 22 October
The Materiality of Meaning: Encounters between Performance Studies and Science
Maaike Bleeker, Utrecht University
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After Semester - Tuesday 3 November
Beyond Empathy: A Roundtable Discussion
Sukhmani Khorana, University of Wollongong
Tanja Dreher, University of Wollongong
Fiona Nicoll, University of Queensland
More information

After Semester - Tuesday 17 November
Sport, Politics and India’s New Media Economies: the Case of the Indian Premier League
Emeritus Professor Brian Stoddart
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Semester One 2015

Week 1 - Wednesday 4 March
Media and Communication for Development and Social Change: Different approaches from theory to practice
Valentina Baú, UNSW

Week 3 - Tuesday 17 March
A Geology of Media – An Alternative Deep Time
Jussi Parikka, University of Southampton

Week 5 - Tuesday 31 March
Ten things to do before you go pro: Learning to be a writer in India
Roanna Gonsalves, UNSW

Week 6 - Tuesday 14 April
Shocking Policy: Mediatisation and the Affects of Discourse on Sydney Rail Transport Development
Nicholas Richardson, UNSW

Week 8 - Tuesday 28 April
Australian literature in its contexts: nation, region, globe
Panel: Bill Ashcroft, Anne Brewster, Elizabeth McMahon, Brigitta Olubas

Week 10 - Tuesday 12 May
Rainforest Birds as Pastoral Bells: Cross-Listening from Papua New Guinea to Europe
Steven Feld, University of New Mexico

Week 12 - Tuesday 26 May
Searchable talk: The linguistic functions of hashtags
Michele Zappavigna, UNSW

Semester Two 2014

Week 1 - Tuesday 29  July
Earth as a Literary Element
Martin Leer (University of Geneva)

Week 3 - Tuesday 12 August
Earth-Object: Melodrama, Plasticity and Lars von Trier’s Melancholia (2011)
Monique Rooney (ANU)

Week 5 - Tuesday 26 August
Public Relations Ethics and Professionalism
Johanna Fawkes (Charles Sturt University)

Week 7 - Tuesday 9 September
Weird objects:
The unsettling domestic life of Philip K Dick’s alternate thingyverses
Adam Hulbert (UNSW)
Chris Rudge (USyd)

Week 9 - Tuesday 23 September
The problem of coherence in communication strategy: lessons from military theory
Paul Ryder (Director, Ryder Consulting)

Non-teaching Break

Week 11 - Tuesday 14 October
“Yuh foot shapeless an lang”:
On the Challenges of Scanning Jamaican Creole Poetry
Ben Etherington (UWS)

Week 13 - Tuesday 28 October
A Companion to the Australian Media: Tales from the Trenches
Bridget Griffen-Foley (Macquarie University)

After semester - Tues 25 November
Care in Performance: Christian Petzold’s Barbara (2012)
Andrew Webber (Cambridge)

Semester One 2014

Week 1 - Tuesday 4 March
Working Like a Horse: Modernist Poetics and the Poetry of Labor
Kristin Grogan and Mark Steven (UNSW)

Week 3 - Tuesday 18 March
Mathematics in the Bedroom: Lacan’s Logic of Fantasy
Sigi Jottkandt, Kate Montague, and Baylee Britts (UNSW)

Week 5 - Friday 4 April
Children’s digital literacies: a contested space
Lelia Green (ECU) – Keynote for CSAA Intermezzo Symposium

Week 6 - Tuesday 8 April
“Value” and “impact” in communication: current debates
Tom Watson (Bournemouth University)

Week 9 - Tuesday 6 May
Who Cares Why We Read Fiction? Literary Studies and the Narrative Turn
Paul Dawson (UNSW)

Week 11 - Friday 23 May
Nietzsche’s Shakespeare
Peter Holbrook (UQ)

Week 13 - Tuesday 3 June
Creating the Creators: Stories about writers writing in English in contemporary urban India
Roanna Gonsalves, with Anne Brewster as discussant (UNSW)

Semester Two, 2013

Week 1 : Tuesday 30 July
Iranian Diasporic Literature
Sanaz Fotouhi
Laetitia Nanquette, UNSW

Week 3 : Tuesday 13 August
Intellectual property and the creative industries today
Troy Lum : Managing Director, Hopscotch Films
Chris Chow : Managing Director, Chris Chow Entertainment Lawyers
Kathy Bowrey : Faculty of Law, UNSW

Week 4 : Tuesday 20 August
Iranian Post-Revolution Cinema – From Iconoclasm to Global Cinema
Hamid Naficy : Northwestern University

Week 5 : Tuesday 27 August
The Future of Media
John Butterworth : CEO, Australian Interactive Media Industry Association
David McKnight : Journalism & Media Research Centre, UNSW

Week 7 : Tuesday 10 September
The Right to Play
Tom Apperley : UNSW
with Respondent, Brigid Costello : School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

Week 9 : Tuesday 24 September
Aesthetics After Finitude
Chaired by Stephen Muecke : UNSW
Amy Ireland : UNSW
Baylee Brits : UNSW

Week 11 : Tuesday 15 October
What’s Become of Cultural Studies?
Graeme Turner, University of Queensland
with Discussant, Jane Mills : Journalism & Media Research Centre, UNSW

Week 13 : Tuesday 29 October
Hallway Conversation:
Interdisciplinary methodologies and pedagogies
Caroline Wake : School of the Arts and Media, UNSW
Paul Dawson : School of the Arts and Media, UNSW

Archive of CMSA Seminar Program

Find out more about the Centre for Modernism Studies Australia.

Semester Two 2014

6 August
Workshop: Ben Etherington (UWS) on Aimé Césaire
Webster 139, 5-7pm

8 August
Symposium: Jameson’s The Antinomies of Realism
Webster 327, 12:30pm-6pm

13 August
Seminar: Oliver Feltham (American University of Paris)
John Goodsell LG19, 5-7pm

20 August
Seminar: David Carter (Queensland)
John Goodsell LG19, 5-7pm

3 September
Workshop: Arka Chattopadhyay (UWS) on Beckett, Worstward Ho
Webster 332, 5-7pm

17 September
Seminar: Sex in the Age of Fordism
Benjamin Kahan (Louisiana State)
Tyree Building LG05, 5-6.30pm

24 September
Workshop: Helen Rydstrand (UNSW) on D. H. Lawrence
Webster 332, 5-7pm

2 October
Symposium: The Idea of the Literary Review
Webster 327, 9-5pm; Webster B, 5-7pm

8 October
Masterclass: Grace Hellyer (UNSW) on Jacques Rancière #1
Webster 332, 5-7pm

22 October
Masterclass: Grace Hellyer (UNSW) on Jacques Rancière #2
Webster 332, 5-7pm

10 November
Seminar: Richard Barney (Albany/SUNY)
Webster A, 5-7pm

18 November
Seminar: Derek Attridge (York)
Webster A, 5-7pm

3 December
Co-hosted by Humanities and Languages
Masterclass: Andrew Webber (Cambridge) on Freud’s “Delusion and Dream in Jensen’s ‘Gradiva’”
Webster 306, 5-7pm

5 December
Seminar: Sara Crangle (Sussex)
Webster A, 5-7pm

10 December
Seminar: David Trotter (Cambridge)
Webster A, 5-7pm

Semester One 2014

25 March
CMSA Workshop: "New Orleans's Oddities"
Aaron Nyerges (Sydney)
4-6pm, Webster 139 

9 April
CMSA Seminar - Creole Modernism
Ankhi Mukherjee (Oxford)
Webster B, 5-7pm

14 April
CMSA Masterclass - Samuel Beckett and Radio
Mathew Feldman (Teeside)
Quad 1001, 1-3pm

16 April
CMSA Seminar - Samuel Beckett and Radio
Mathew Feldman (Teeside)
Webster B, 5-7pm

30 April
CMSA Workshop: Ezra Pound’s Cathay
Kristin Grogan (UNSW)
5-7pm, Webster 306

28 May
CMSA Seminar
Paul Giles (Sydney)
5-7pm, Webster B

11 June
CMSA Workshop: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Capitalist Bildungsroman
Tamlyn Avery (UNSW)
5-7pm, Webster 306

30 July
CMSA Seminar
Heather Love (University of Pennsylvania)

6 August
CMSA Workshop: "Aimé Césaire's A Return to the Native Land"
Ben Etherington (UWS)

3 September
CMSA Workshop - "Samuel Beckett's Worstward Ho"
Arka Chattopadhyay (UWS)

20 August
CMSA Seminar
David Carter (University of Queensland)

18 November
CMSA Seminar
Derek Attridge (University of York)

3 December
CMSA Masterclass - "Freud's Delusion and Dream in Jensen's 'Gradiva'"
Andrew Webber (University of Cambridge)


Is there a guiding aim for the SAM Seminars?

The goal is for the seminars to be interdisciplinary, to appeal across the various disciplines in SAM

Who attends/who can attend?

Attendees typically consist of a number of academic staff, researchers, visiting scholars, as well as Honours/Masters/PhD level students. However, all are welcome to attend the SAM Seminars.

What is the format of the SAM Seminars?

A number of different formats are used:

  1. Talk/Presentation/Performance for 40 minutes to an hour, followed by Q&A.
  2. 3-person Panel organised around a common theme or topic, with each panelist delivering a 20-minute paper, with Q&A.
  3. Hallway Conversations: 3-person Roundtable Discussion centered around a keyword, with the three speakers from different areas talking informally about their take on this keyword in their discipline.
  4. Interview with an invited speaker, industry practitioner or creative artist, with the interviewer being someone from the School.
  5. A Presenter/Respondent session: A Presenter delivers a paper/talk for 30-45 minutes, and a Respondent has 15 minutes to comment on and reflect on the paper/talk, followed by audience Q&A

Who do I contact?

For any inquiries, proposals or expressions of interest, please contact SAM Seminar Convenor, Collin Chua –