Sing it! Swing it! Strum it!

When:18 May 2018, 7pm - 8:30pm
Venue:Io Myers Studio, UNSW Kensington Campus
Who:G16 Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, and Colla Voce
Swing it! Sing it! Strum it!

Concession $10 // Full $20

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Join us for a night of strumming, singing and swinging.

Settle in with the soothing sound of guitar strings. Acoustic folk music from America and Russia played by the UNSW Guitar Ensemble will rouse and delight the soul.

Next, you’ll be transported to 1789 with a musical journey through the French Revolution. The voices of Colla Voce will rise up as courage and fear intertwine in the fight for liberty. An emotional and sometimes violent expression through song.

From revolution to the swinging sounds of the G16 Jazz Collective. The night will finish with a mix of improvisation and jazz standards. Just try to stop your feet tapping.

UNSW Guitar Ensemble
Director // Janet Agostino

Muharrem Aslan, Manuel Diewald, Tobias Dracoulis, Harrison Pearce, Joshua McLellan

Colla Voce
Director // Dallas Watts
Accompanist // Abigail Bae

Natasha Atkins, Caitlyn Bateman, Melissa Chye, Alana Cotton, Sinead Cristaudo, Rebecca Dibdin, Tayla Gregson, Kieran Hacobian, Mitch Hutchinson, Melanie Jha, Isabelle Keyser, Jasmine Khurana ,Megan Kim, Priyanka Pinto

G16 Jazz Collective
Director // Sandy Evans

Kit Spencer (vocals), Grace Leung (flute), Larrah Slender (flute), Jasmine Ohlmus (piano), Andrei Espiritu (piano), McKinley Payne (guitar), Ben Adams (guitar), Hugo Powell (electric bass), Tristan Lacey (drums)

Finding us

Io Myers Studio is located at the entrance to Gate 2 High St, Kensington. Look for the Creative Practice Lab neon sign in our foyer windows.

There is limited parking in the Gate 2 area around Io Myers Studio but free parking is available from 6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed through Day Ave.

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Download a campus map.  (PDF)

Produced by UNSW Creative Practice Lab

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