Honours Projects

When:6 Sep 2016, 6pm - 9:30pm
7 Sep 2016, 6pm - 9:30pm
8 Sep 2016, 6pm - 9:30pm
Venue:Io Myers Studio & Studio One
Who:School of the Arts & Media
Honours Projects

Practice-based Honours in Performance, Media and Film studies is a year long intensive creative-research process that allows students to develop their practice and create original, innovative works. Supervised and supported by UNSW staff this process culminates in a final public presentation. The diverse forms of these showings range from performance and screening, to installation or recording reflecting the multidisciplinary opportunities of the School.

There are two programs of performances and screenings each night.

PROGRAM A | 6pm start

Paige Farrow, Film
Sally Blackwood, Performance Presentation
Josh Hurren, Film
Gavin Clarke, Performance Presentation of Dance Research

PROGRAM B | 8pm start

Mitchell Whitehead, Performance
Olivia Love, Film
Lauren Bonner, Performance
Aleks Wynne, Film
Jarred Lammiman, FIlm


ONLINE BOOKINGS HAVE NOW CLOSED FOR WEDNESDAY 7 SEPT- A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

$8 concession / $15 full
You are welcome to attend both programs with one ticket.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to attend both programs please book for one session and email us with the second session you would like to attend: cpl@unsw.edu.au 





About the works

A | Paige Farrow | Film | Pyrophyte

This is an action/drama short film set in the Australian bush. It follows the story of young girl, Ella, and her Uncle Mr Knight who badly injures himself while trying to prepare his house for an oncoming bushfire, and is unable to support himself. Ella is riddled with guilt as she realises she could have prevented the injury, and the arrival of two city strangers sees her begging them for help. They are reluctant, however, and seem to be hiding a secret, but eventually agree to help. Behind them are Zoe and Oliver, two local teens whose parents are volunteering for the Rural Fire Service. They act on instructions to evacuate the neighbourhood to avoid the approaching fire, however Ella’s Uncle refuses to leave, desperately wanting to stay and protect his house from the blaze. There is conflict when the two outsiders from the city attempt to sneak away, causing a row amongst all parties, however eventually they must all make the decision together whether to stay or flee, and Mr Knight will not leave quietly.

- - -

A | Sally Blackwood | Performance Presentation | Project Faust exposed

Project Faust exposed is a behind the scenes look at the first creative development of Project Faust a new co-production between Louisville Ballet and Kentucky Opera.

What happens when opera singers and ballet dancers meet, in a room, in southern America in the summer of 2016, and discuss the devil and the price of your soul…?

How do the collision of two artforms, and the current political climate influence the creation of a new opera-ballet work?

What happens when we take away the text and let music, movement, silence and stillness tell the story? Could the same work be made here in Sydney?

- - - 

A | Josh Hurren | Film | Mute

Mute follows Bronte over a period of three days, during her attempts to shoot a film entirely on her own. After another one of her experiments fails to deliver, she is plunged into a state of writer’s block and isolation. Her decision to confine herself during this process begins to test her already tenuous relationship with the outside world. As she becomes consumed by her artistic process, both Bronte and the audience disjoin from the traditional structures of narrative and move into the fluid world of sound.

- - - 

A | Gavin Clarke | Performance Presentation of Dance Research | Unwind

Gavin Clarke’s movement practice was developed following injuries from years of working as a dancer. His body needed a way to retrain itself to recover lost freedom.

Part performance practice, part rehabilitative therapy, Unwind is a process of gradual musculoskeletal realignment, redefining the way the performer uses his muscles and bones. Through the systematic exploration of muscular loading, Gavin investigates the physically stored effects of 'affect', creating a unique and transformative dance.

Gavin hopes the observation of this process will open the potential for change in others. Don't sit still and watch this performance. Stretch, squirm, get up and move, explore your bone-muscle relationships and begin your own dance of unwinding.

- - -

B | Jarred Lammiman | Film | Operation Moonlight

A missile has struck down an Australian Infantry platoon traveling in a military transport aircraft en route to their destination to complete Operation Moonlight. The pilots are forced to make an emergency landing in a mystery location, which leaves many dead and others injured. With the Commanding Officer deceased, SGT Brooks finds himself in charge of a group of soldiers and a Government official. Knowing that the enemy is close, the group must work together to safely leave the harsh environment.

Do they escape and complete the mission, or are they captured? Their fate rests in your hands…

- - - 

B | Mitchell Whitehead | Performance | Male Actions: Tackle Bag

Taking Tom Robert’s 1890 painting Shearing the Rams as a point of departure, Male Actions: Tackle Bag is an investigation into the various ways in which masculinity is promoted and enacted within Australian society. The performance is a physical response to representations of masculine bodies and the effects of enacting dominant constructions of masculinity on the self and society.

- - -

B | Olivia Love | Film | Seen

Seen is a film that explores the different textures of gazing. Through the magical and at times surreal story of a young artist who looks and is looked at, Seen confronts how we see the human body be it in the flesh or on screen, as nude or naked and in art or in life. The act of looking can be many things; at times errotic or seductive, it can also be dangerous, playful, deceitful or experienced as a kind of reverie. Based upon the myth of Tiresias, a greek prophet who was transformed into a woman after watching snakes mate in the grass, this film depicts moments when we are enticed to keep looking despite feeling that we should look away. As we watch the characters and they watch each other there is a sense that things are not always as they seem. What happens when we, the audience, are caught in the act as the beheld body turns its gaze back upon us?

- - - 

B | Aleks Wynne | Film | City of Mine

In City of Mine Anna meets Zoe in a park in the early morning, ready for the job at hand. Their plan: to burgle a corporate office and escape with incriminating photos of Ron Jenson, the corrupt property developer responsible for building new and expensive apartments and pushing modest people out of the suburb. As the city begins to wake, Anna and Zoe fight for its multicultural identity, against the forces of institutional power and exploitation. But the poetic vision of an activist cannot guarantee the success of her activism. In whose city will Anna find herself?

- - - 

B | Lauren Bonner | Performance | Strange Intimacies

Strange Intimacies is an attempt to use live performance as a means to navigate the intimate connections we forge in the digital sphere. In the anonymised world of online chat we perform as the most perfect version of ourselves. Anonymity eliminates the usual high stakes in a romantic encounter and this sees us boldly divulging more to potential partners than we would in a live, in person “analogue” encounter. This performance asks what happens to the idea of the intimate connection when it is forged in the intangible and untouchable world of online communication?

Finding us

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