Honours Projects 2017

When:5 Sep 2017, 6pm - 9pm
6 Sep 2017, 6pm - 9pm
7 Sep 2017, 6pm - 9pm
Venue:Io Myers Studio, Studio One & Alumni Lawn
Who:School of the Arts & Media

A festival of new creative works.
Performance // Installation

Practice-based Honours in Performance, Media and Film studies is a year long intensive creative-research process that allows students to develop their practice and create original, innovative works. Supervised and supported by UNSW staff this process culminates in a final public presentation. The diverse forms of these showings range from performance and screening, to installation or recording reflecting the multidisciplinary opportunities of the School.

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Short Performance Works

Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6, Thursday 7 September // 6pm (nightly)
Io Myers Studio
Tickets available below or on Eventbrite.

Kate Bobis // Contemporary Performance
Lisa Synnott // Performed Lecture
Ryan Martin // Improvised Musical Performance
Alicia Dulnuan-Demou // Interactive Performance

AccessThese events are wheelchair accessible. 


One Night Only Music Performance

Wednesday 6 September // 8.30pm
Io Myers Studio
Admission included when purchasing a ticket for the Wednesday performance program.

TIm Collins // Percussion

AccessThis performance is wheelchair accessible. 


Live Performance Artwork

Thursday 7 September // 6am - 6pm (sunrise to sunset)
UNSW Alumni Lawn
FREE. One day only.

Alex Tálamo // Durational Performance

* Please note: this performance may include nudity.

Access This performance is accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.



Tuesday 5 - Thursday 7 September // 12pm - 3.30pm / 4pm - 8pm
Studio One (next to Io Myers Studio)
FREE. Daily.

Naomi Hamer // Visual Art/Installation

AccessThis exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

Access This exhibition may contain ambient noise, it is otherwise accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Large Print Large Print programs and information will be available for all works.

Read more about each work below.

Performance Program

Kate Bobis: 
Miss Aussie’s All Aussie Adventures

Contemporary Performance

Does having a Southern Cross tattoo, loving Vegemite, quoting Kath and Kim, and having memories of the Women’s Weekly cookbook make you an Aussie? Miss Aussie invites you to be involved in her satirical Australian spectacle as she remixes nostalgic cultural material in our contemporary Australian society. She encourages you to join her as she questions her own Australian identity and how the cultural symbols of her childhood have been claimed by exclusionary Nationalists.


Lisa Synnott:
Integrated or Mobilized: systematic choreographic processes

Performed Lecture/Informative Text & Choreography

Choreographic work is conditional on the role of the dancer who produces the choreography and the choreographer’s economic status can influence their decisions in making a work. Comparing the dancer historically as the sublime presenter of a choreographer’s single vision, the dancer has diversified into a mobile body; a carrier of knowledge who shifts between multiple techniques and styles, and works with many choreographers. To consider these views, I conducted an experiment creating two separate works, with two separate dancers, within two distinct systems; what I have called the Mobilized and Integrated systems.


Ryan Martin:
Narrative Generator (for Living Machine)

Improvised Musical Performance

Narrative Generator (for Living Machine) is an improvisation in which a set of rules derived from film and video game soundtracks, directs an assemblage of electronics, instruments, and performers. This ad hoc machine interacts with a randomly-chosen sequence of compositional techniques (represented by cards) and its own internal feedback to generate an emergent narrative, consisting of spoken word and soundtrack. Each component is calibrated for specific tasks: electronics portray the environmental and emotional contexts, instruments produce musical realisations of specific characters, and the narrator brings it all to life in spoken form.


Alicia Dulnuan-Demou:
They Call It Nutbush

Interactive Performance

Deep and Meaningful Interrogation is an interactive exploration of friendship and performance. Often overlooked in favour of romance, friendship is nonetheless central to our lives and our experiences of intimacy, trust, and reciprocity. This performance investigates what happens when we shift friendly actions, like sharing food or hitting the dance floor together, from “life” to the “live.” It asks what transpires when social gestures are placed within an aesthetic frame. Will we laugh? Will we fight? Will we make up again or are we totally done? Are you giving me the silent treatment?! Let’s be friends, even if only for a few minutes …

Music Event

Tim Collins


A collection of Percussion repertoire that spans the planes of musical diversity. Each work explores different styles of percussion writing and performance; from 4 Mallet Marimba works to a solo Snare Drum work that brings out all the colours of a single drum to an Iannis Xenakis multi percussion work.

Live Performance Artwork

Alex Talamo:
30,000 steps in a circle around a pile of rubble carrying a rock with my family name engraved on it to re-enact the protests against disappearance by the Madres de Plaza de Mayo

Durational Performance

Because 30,000 Argentineans were disappeared
Because their disappearance / is the cause of my existence
Because the Madres de Plaza de Mayo walked in protest
Because a father left / and his daughter was born here

30,000 steps to protest disappearance.

"resisting is resisting, resisting is walking” - Hebe de Bonafini, Madre de Plaza de Mayo

*Please note: this performance may include nudity.


Naomi Hamer:
Mandatory / Monument

Visual Art/Installation

The policy of mandatory detention has now been in place for 25 years. How are we—as citizens, non-citizens or dual citizens—to mark this shameful anniversary? Mandatory / Monument, salutes the survivors, and asks the audience whether they will remain complicit bystanders. Who will you remember and who will you forget and how will you unravel Australia's frayed social fabric?

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