Free Play: Making Time, Taking Time

When:5 Oct 2018, 7pm - 9pm
Venue:Io Myers Studio, UNSW Kensington Campus
Who:UNSW New Music Collective

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A thrilling and beguiling multi- space performance event from the recently-formed UNSW New Music Collective to inspire and provoke new and tantalizing ways to engage with music of our time. The program features some of the most inspirational and ground breaking composers of the 20th and 21st centuries who challenged and defied the Euro-centric elitist musical traditions of the time and gave us radical, politically charged and electrifying works.

Composers such as Rzewski, Andriessen, Lucier, Oliveros and Cage were inspired to bring to their audiences a collective experience of what the making of music had the potential to be - a radical and social act of freedom, choice, protest and play. All pieces in the program feature elements of indeterminacy, chance, contingency and improvisation, and are scored for open instrumentation often using graphic or open notation. Guaranteed to excite, enliven and thrill, and occasionally challenge and confront. We hope you can join us for this very special inagural concert that presents dynamic and inventive musical works and features some of the brightest young stars among the UNSW musical community.



Concession $8 // Full $15

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Finding us

Io Myers Studio is located at the entrance to Gate 2 High St, Kensington. Look for the Creative Practice Lab neon sign in our foyer windows.

There is limited parking in the Gate 2 area around Io Myers Studio but free parking is available from 6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed through Day Ave.

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Produced by UNSW Creative Practice Lab

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