New Media Dramaturgies

When:1 Aug 2014, 6pm - 9pm
2 Aug 2014, 9am - 6pm
3 Aug 2014, 10am - 6pm
Venue:Carriageworks and Io Myers Studio
Who:School of the Arts & Media
NMD - SAMevent

New Media Dramaturgy (NMD) is an Australian Research Council Discovery project to investigate the transformations underway in live performance in relation to new media. NMD involves a turn to visuality, intermediality, and movement between performance and installation arts. We are interested in how these interactions between new media and performance can be understood compositionally and dramaturgically.

A part of the project is an NMD workshop where artists are invited to show work and participate in conversations around the ideas and practices of NMD. This component of the project aims to operate discursively as an accumulation of artistic practices and perspectives on working with new media forms. 

Keynote Lecture

All welcome!

Friday 1 August, 6pm FREE
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Previewing and introducing this event will be an artist talk and exhibition opening by Kris Verdonk at Carriageworks where his video artwork ‘Gossip’ will have its Australian premier, hosted in partnership with Performance Space as part of their Score festival of works (1 August - 7 September).

Hear Kris Verdonck speak about the relation of his practice to new media, dramaturgy and text. This is a rare opportunity to gain insight into a practice that is at once visual art and theatre, installation and performance, classical and digital. Verdonck has presented work internationally, including for La Notte Bianca in Rome, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels, the Festival d’Avignon, Theater der Welt 2010 in Germany, and House for contemporary art Z33.

Workshops and Presentations

In an invited gathering of artists and theorists we will be able to explore media and see demonstrations of NMD performance modalities. Participants will be invited to experiment with and discuss media applications in relation to their own practices.

The workshops will be convened by NMD researchers Peter Eckersall, Edward Scheer and Helena Grehan with assistance from Su Goldfish and her team at the Io Myers Theatre at UNSW.

For more information please contact Professor Ed Scheer:

Presenting Artists

Kris Verdonck

The training of Kris Verdonck (born 1974) - visual arts, architecture and theatre - is reflected in the work he produces: we can situate his creations in the transit zone between the visual arts and theatre, between installation and performance, between dance and architecture. As theatre maker and visual artist, he can already look back on a wide variety of projects.

He directed theatre productions and produced various installations, a.o. 5 (2003), Catching Whales Is Easy (2004), II (2005). Verdonck often presents combinations of different installations/performances as VARIATIONS. The first STILLS, consisting of gigantic projections, were created in September 2006 and were commissioned by La Notte Bianca in Rome. In November 2007 he creates the theatrical installation I/II/III/IIII. In May 2008 END premie?red during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. VARIATION IV, a combination of 7 installations was shown during the festival of Avignon 2008. In January 2010 Kris Verdonck finished the ‘circuit performance’ ACTOR #1 which shows 3 variations on the theme from chaos to order. K, a Society, a circuit of installations and projections inspired on the work of Franz Kafka premie?red during summer at Theater der Welt 2010 in Essen, Germany.

In 2011 Verdonck is working on two research projects: TALK sets out to explore language, while EXIT, created with Alix Eynaudi, aims to tackle theatre as a medium. In 2011 the first solo exhibition of his work, EXHIBITION #1 is showed at the House for contemporary art Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium, together with a new work: EXOTE.

Kate Richards

Kate Richards is a Sydney-based new media artist, producer and co-ordinator of the Masters of Convergent Media at the University of Western Sydney. Kate's newest installation 'grove' is an immersive ecology comprised of programmed lights, set in a moat of darkness. Kate works across numerous platforms (e.g. interactive video projections; web environments; live performance; games engines), choosing the platform and engagement aesthetic to fit the concept and audience. Her versatility and agnosticism in this area is one of her key, recognised strengths (Gallash, 2007). Most of Kate's projects include audience interactivity (Bystander 2007, Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters 2008), and/or live performers (Wayfarer 2007, Encoded 2011). Kate's art work is supported by research outcomes of original creative publications and collaborations; papers, presentations and residencies; research-based professional consultancies as a multi-media dramaturge and producer in the cultural sectors. Kate is completing a PhD at UNSW on the core mechanisms of audience experience and engagement.

Mari Velonaki

Mari Velonaki has worked as an artist and researcher in the field of interactive installation art since 1997. Mari has created interactive installations that incorporate movement, speech, touch, breath, electrostatic charge, artificial vision and robotics. In 2003 Mari’s practice expanded to robotics, when she initiated and led a major Australian Research Council art/science research project ‘Fish–Bird: Autonomous Interactions in a Contemporary Arts Setting 2004-2007’ in collaboration with roboticists at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics.

In 2006 she co- founded, with David Rye, the Centre for Social Robotics, a centre dedicated to inter- disciplinary research into human-robot interaction in spaces that incorporate the general public.

In 2007 Mari was awarded an Australia Council for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowship. In 2009 she was awarded an Australia Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship (2009–2013) for the creation of a new robot in order to develop an understanding of the physicality that is possible and acceptable between a human and a robot.

Mari is currently an Associate Professor and the director of the Creative Robotics Lab, at the National Institute of Experimental Arts at the College of Fine Arts, The University of New South Wales.

Petra Gemeinboec

Petra Gemeinboeck is Director of Postgraduate Research at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, and Deputy Director of the Creative Robotics Lab, National Institute for Experimental Arts. In her experimental art practice, Petra explores the ambiguities and vulnerabilities in our relationships with machines and is interested in making tangible the desires and politics involved. Her practice in machine performance, interactive installation, and virtual environments engages participants in scenarios of encounter, in which they are provoked to negotiate or conspire with a machinic co-performer. Petra was a finalist for the National New Media Art Award 2012, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, and her works have been exhibited internationally, including the International Triennial of New Media Art 2014, Beijing; Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool, UK; Ars Electronica Festival, Austria; MCA Chicago; ICC Tokyo; Centre des Arts Enghien at Paris. She has also published widely on issues of interactivity and machine agency.

For more details about Petra’s work, see:

For more information please contact Professor Ed Scheer:

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