SAM/JMRC Seminar 15: What’s Become of Cultural Studies? Three years on.

When:15 Oct 2013, 5pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Robert Webster Building, Room 327
Who:Graeme Turner (UQ) & Jane Mills (JMRC, UNSW)
SAM Seminar 15

Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland

It is now three years since Graeme Turner wrote his uncompromising critique of the current practice of cultural studies, What’s Become of Cultural Studies? (Sage, 2012). What’s Become of Cultural Studies? was deliberately framed as a polemic in order to unsettle what the author described as a sense of complacency that had crept into the field as it became more comfortably institutionalised. Those who read it will certainly be left in no doubt about its point of view. It does, however, draw upon considerable research into the contemporary condition of cultural studies around the world as well as upon a committed argument for retrieving the original value of cultural studies as an intervention into the humanities and social sciences. It has been successful in generating debate, and the responses have been varied; Ben Highmore has described it as a ‘short, sharp shock’ to the world of cultural studies, while Matt Hills has described it as a nostalgic ‘lament’ for the passing of an earlier model of cultural studies.

Taking the opportunity to reflect upon the book that this seminar provides, Professor Turner will discuss these reactions, the motivations behind the project (the voicing of a lament was not one of them) and his evaluation of its usefulness after the fact, before talking about the road ahead for the field of cultural studies, in Australia and internationally.

Graeme Turner is an Emeritus Professor in the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland. One of the leading figures, internationally, in media and cultural studies, he has published 23 books, and his work has been translated into 9 languages. In addition to What’s Become of Cultural Studies?, his most recent publications include (with Anna Cristina Pertierra) Locating Television: Zones of Consumption (Routledge, 2013), Ordinary People and the Media: The Demotic Turn (Sage, 2010), and (with Jinna Tay) Television Studies after TV: Understanding Television in the Post-Broadcast Era (Routledge, 2009); a revised edition of his Understanding Celebrity (Sage, 2013) is to be published in November.

A/Prof Jane Mills, from the Journalism and Media Research Centre, will chair and act as the discussant for this Seminar.

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