SAM Seminar: A Geology of Media – An Alternative Deep Time

When:17 Mar 2015, 5pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Robert Webster Building, Room 327
Who:Jussi Parikka, University of Southampton
SAM Seminar - Parikka

Media materiality is not bound in devices, but extends much further. This talk proposes a perspective where media history is less bound to stories of singular inventors and only human affairs, but to minerals and chemistry, materials and elements. It's a story less about extensions of Man than extensions of the planetary. Through such a speculative perspective one is able to address an alternative politics of the long history of media that is not merely thousands but millions years old – but still relevant to considerations of contemporary climate disaster. Indeed, this talk will contextualise some relevant art projects and contemporary issues concerning, for example, electronic waste – in the proposal of what a geology of media could be.

Jussi Parikka is a writer, media theorist and professor in technological culture & aesthetics at Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton). He is also Docent of Digital Culture Theory at University of Turku, Finland, and Honorary Visiting Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

SAM Seminar Series 2015
Convenor, Collin Chua –

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