SAM Seminar: How blue is Mozart? Non-verbal sensory scales for describing music qualities

When:21 Aug 2018, 3:30pm - 5pm
Venue:Cinema 327, Robert Webster Building
Who:Antonio Rodà, University of Padova
SAM Seminar

An intriguing aspect of music is its capacity to elicit a rich number of shared sensations and images which can be attributed in part to cross-modal correspondences. Many studies have investigated the relationship between music versus colours, tastes, vision, and odours, suggesting that people can exhibit consistent cross-modal responses in different sensory modalities. This talk will detail the setup and the results of a series of experiments showing that subjects’ ratings on sensory scales are consistent throughout, supporting the hypothesis that sensory scales can convey specific sensations that cannot be described verbally. Unlike the semantic differential based on rating items along verbal scales, subjects are asked to evaluate musical stimuli along visual, tactile, haptic and gustative scale. Such studies can be applied to emergent multimodal technologies, which could foster new ways to listen and experience music.

Antonio Rodà is Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova. His main research interests are in models for expressiveness in music, multimedia systems, interactive multimodal learning environments, preservation and restoration of audio documents. He has participated in 11 national and international research projects.

Adam Hulbert, UNSW, will respond to Professor Rodà’s presentation.

SAM Seminar Series

This series provides a showcase and forum for local as well as international scholars, researchers, industry practitioners and creative artists – ranging from early-career to well-established – to present on their work. No need to book, all welcome.

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