SAM Seminar: Refashioning viewing experience with mobile media: A comparison of two trajectories in China

When:6 Oct 2015, 5pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Robert Webster Building, Room 327
Who:Elaine Zhao, UNSW
SAM Seminar

The portability, interactivity and potential for personalisation and sociability of mobile devices have given rise to various conceptualisations of mobile viewing experiences.

Yet, to what extent earlier conceptualisations of mobile television have eventualised, what forces influence their trajectories, and how they have evolved in the age of smartphones and mobile internet, are still questions that warrants further study.

Through comparative analysis of two relevant cases in China, this paper illustrates different stakeholders’ imaginations of mobile screen content consumption, production and distribution in the process towards convergence, and the technological, cultural, and political forces shaping the two different trajectories.

The paper offers insights into the complex ongoing processes of convergence, which represent different cultures and bear witness to the restructuring of the industry and the role of the state in China.

Elaine Jing Zhao is a lecturer in the School of Arts and Media, UNSW. She has published in the areas of digital media, user co-creation, informal media economies, and their social, cultural and economic implications.

Elaine Jing Zhao

SAM Seminar Series 2015
Convenor, Collin Chua –

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