SAM Seminar: Platforming humiliation

When:24 Jul 2018, 3:30pm - 5pm
Venue:Room G17, Robert Webster Building
Who:Sarah Cefai, London College of Communication
SAM Seminar

The work of gender/sexual status in the platformed incitement to humiliate.

Retrieving a theorisation of status from debates on terminology in media and cultural studies, this talk shows how the term ‘status update’ points to the importance of platformed status, with wide-ranging implications. For one, status (rank and situation) makes possible humiliation—perhaps one of the most salient affective structures of our time. A consideration of how humiliation is made possible and given substance by status yields new insight into the involvement of communications platforms in social and cultural practices and their affiliated power dynamics. Via their shared binary logics, condensed in affective forms such as “Friend or Not”, “Hot or Not”, “Replied or Not”, “Invited or Not” etc., platformed and gender/sexual status work together to intensify power relations, and in so doing, the respective relevance of their own fields of power. Finally, this talk helps account for the voracity of the bifurcatory processes of dis/identification that characterise platformed humiliation.

Sarah Cefai is a Lecturer in Communications and Media at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. Her current work examines the affective formation of humiliation through the example of various media cultural practices and representations. Her research is published in Cultural Studies, the European Journal of Cultural Studies and more.

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