SAM Seminar: Sport, Politics and India’s New Media Economies: the Case of the Indian Premier League

When:17 Nov 2015, 5pm - 6:30pm
Venue:Robert Webster Building, Room 327
Who:Emeritus Professor Brian Stoddart

In affiliation with SAM's Asian Media Cultures research node.
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This seminar addresses money, media, politics and sport in today’s India, in discussing the world’s richest cricket competition, the Indian Premier League – in which sport, media and new media economies, the digital revolution, mass entertainment, politics and international relations merge.

The IPL incorporates a range of developmental issues arising from globalisation, governance, rapid economic growth and wealth concentration, and digital media cultures. The IPL also raises issues and problems concerning Indian sport as a “soft power” instrument in a global environment where bodies like FIFA and the IOC have sustained serious reputational damage because of their activities.

StoddartEmeritus Professor Brian Stoddart is a leading scholar of international sports cultures. He has published on Australian sport, Caribbean cricket, sport and international relations, sport and the media, and the role of sport in the British Empire. He is currently exploring the central role of the media and digital industries in the evolution of Indian sport from colonial to postcolonial structures.

Professor Stoddart is a former Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) of Latrobe University in Melbourne. He is also a Distinguished Fellow at the Australia India Institute. He is the author of Land, Water, Language and Politics in Andhra: Regional Evolution in India Since 1850. Other recent works include A People’s Collector in the British Raj: Arthur Galletti and (edited with Auriol Weigold) India and Australia: Bridging Different Worlds.

SAM Seminar Series 2015
Convenor, Collin Chua –

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