UNSWriting in partnership with Nura Gili presents Marie Munkara

When:2 Sep 2014, 6:30pm - 8pm
Venue:Io Myers Studio, UNSW
Who:Darwin author Marie Munkara in conversation with Anne Brewster.
UNSWriting - Marie Munkara


Darwin author Marie Munkara in conversation with School of the Arts and Media lecturer Anne Brewster.


Marie Munkara was born on the banks of the Mainoru River in Arnhem Land. Her first book Every Secret Thing won the 2008 David Unaipon Award and the 2010 NT Book of the Year. She lives in Darwin with her menagerie of cats, dogs and frogs. In this next talk as part of the UNSWriting 'In Conversation' series, Marie will be discussing both her new book, A Most Peculiar Act as well as her award winning novel Every Secret Thing.


Special Workshop for UNSW students and staff in collaboration with Nura Gili

Tuesday 2 September, 12pm - 3pm
Nura Gili Boardroom 

The workshop will cater for participants with varying levels of literary flair and experience. They will awaken their creativity by journeying through the genres with individual and group writing exercises.



A Most Peculiar Act
Published by Magabala Books

A Most Peculiar Act is the hilarious new novel from award-winning Indigenous author Marie Munkara. It takes a look at the ludicrous and bizarre nature and interpretations of the Aboriginal Protection Acts of the early twentieth century – and makes merciless fun of the characters involved. The story follows the trials and tribulations of Sugar, a 16 year-old Aboriginal fringe-camp dweller.

Set in Darwin during the Japanese bombing raids and with the Aboriginal Ordinances Act and the ‘White Australia’ policy as a backdrop, Sugar’s resistance to assimilation, and the attempts by Horrid Hump, the chief protector of Aborigines, and his henchmen to enforce it, becomes a protracted battle that ends at the Christmas party from Hell. Interspersed with illicit affairs, stolen children, leprosy and “fuc#ing foreigners,” this story sees Sugar and her oppressors finally meet on a level playing field that none of them ever expected – a Japanese bombing raid.

Every Secret Thing
Published by UQP

When culture and faith collide ... nothing is sacred.

In the Aboriginal missions of far northern Australia, it was a battle between saving souls and saving traditional culture.

Every Secret Thing is a rough, tough, hilarious portrayal of the Bush Mob and the Mission Mob, and the hapless clergy trying to convert them. In these tales, everyone is fair game. At once playful and sharp, Marie Munkara’s wonderfully original stories cast a taunting new light on the mission era in Australia

Marie Munkara's books will be available at 10% off
the RRP courtesy of the UNSW Bookshop on the night.


Io Myers Studio is located at the entrance to Gate 2 High St, Kensington. Look for the Creative Practice Lab neon sign in our foyer windows. Download the UNSW map.

There is limited parking in the Gate 2, High St area around Io Myers Studio but free parking is available from 6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed through Day Ave.

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