Acting for the UNSW Aspire Program

23 Jul 2018

The UNSW Aspire program is looking for some keen actors to perform a series of monologues for a forum theatre exercise that is designed to get high school students engaged in university learning.

This is a great opportunity for Theatre and Performance Studies students to showcase their skills as well as practice them in front of a genuine audience.

You will be asked to perform a monologue that establishes a 'crime scene'. High school students will spend the rest of the day engaging with a range of disciplinary responses to the crime.

Aspire is looking for 4 speaking roles (monologues):

  • 1 male police officer
  • 3 female witnesses

There are also 3 non-speaking roles:

  • 1 male driver
  • 1 female passenger
  • 1 female skateboard rider

Event details - NB you do not need to be available for all of these dates but as many as you can commit to would be excellent!

Dates: 8, 10, 14, 17, 22, & 24 August
Time (drama scene) : 9.45am- 10.00 am *if the students could arrive by 8.45am to do a run through that would be great as it event itself starts at 9.30 am.
Location: Studio no. 1, Creative Practice Lab

If you are interested please contact Steffi Dourado at Aspire and Bryoni Trezise ( / Jonathan Bollen ( - Theatre and Performance Studies.