Chai In A Stressful Time

14 Nov 2018

During the recent Supper at STUVAC, from 27 Oct to 1 Nov, the Wellness Warriors from Arc’s Wellness Program were awaiting students with free chai and sweet bites outside the Main Library every evening. This is one of the many events facilitated by the Volunteering Program in order to destigmatise mental health issues and promote the support services offered to students on-and off campus, and online.

William Cook is this year’s Wellness Coordinator, and current 3rd year UNSW Media & Communications student. He urges the importance of taking care of students' mental health and wellbeing in a stressful time of their life with many competing responsibilities, and believe events like these have a positive impact:

“Final exams usually mean that students are huddled up in the library for hours on end. When students dribble out of the Library Walkway after a long day, we are there to offer a bit of a reprieve with refreshments and a friendly chat”.

STUVAC Supper consequentially encourages students to have a break from their books, which William believe is crucial for students to maintain some balance. Concerningly, he reports that several students at the event revealed it was their only social interaction or study break for the day.

The Wellness Warriors also want to encourage a healthier student life, and so the choice of serving chai tea was not unthought of.

“Many students use caffeinated drinks to stay energised, but we believe Chai tea is a better option. The tea contains a lot less caffeine as opposed to coffee and is a more natural alternative. It has added health benefits as well, including antioxidants to boost the immune system”, William concludes.

This has become an annual event to support students. Other events include R U OK? Day for suicide prevention; Wellness week and continuous Random Acts of Kindness - all run by the student volunteers of Wellness Warriors.