Cyberhate symposium commended by the State parliament

15 Aug 2017

The UNSW State parliament has commended SAM researcher Dr Emma A. Jane for organising a cyberhate symposium in Sydney last month.

On August 10, the Greens MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqi moved that the House note:
a) that a symposium on cyberhate was held in Sydney on 7 July 2017 to formulate solutions to the growing problem of sexual violence, cyberstalking, misogyny and other forms of gendered violence that occur online; and
b) that the symposium brought together people from all walks of life, such as academics, activists, policy makers, media personalities, and those who had experienced online bullying and violence.

Dr Faruqi moved that the House commend the organisers Dr Emma A. Jane and Dr Nicole Vincent “for organising this important symposium”, and reiterate its commitment to working on tackling gendered cyberhate, and online misogyny and violence. Dr Faruqi’s motion was passed unanimously.