Free ArtsHub and ScreenHub membership for all UNSW Students

6 Dec 2018

Free ArtsHub and ScreenHub membership for all UNSW Students

From December 2018, all UNSW students will have full access to ArtsHub and screenhub, Australia’s leading sources of arts and film news.

UNSW Careers and Employment have helped to set up access to ArtsHub and screenhub for students.

Students will gain exclusive access to ArtsHub and screenhub’s job listings and career advice pages, which are otherwise only available to paying members.

Job listings will be particularly useful for students both before and after they graduate, especially if they are looking for opportunities within the arts and film industries as ArtsHub and screenhub act as a single resource for all jobs available in the creative industries.

The type of jobs students can discover on ArtsHub and screenhub include Technical Manager, Gallery Curator, Post Production Assistant, Animation Supervisor and much more.

Students can also use ArtsHub and screenhub as a one-stop resource to discover new grant opportunities for their independent projects.

ArtsHub and screenhub also features the latest arts/film news, education opportunities, artist call-outs and a what’s on guide.


From 2019, students will be able to sign up by going to Careers Online and there will be instructions available on how to sign up. For the rest of 2018 they can access through this link

1. Use your university email and password to register.

2. You will be asked for a secondary email – this email will be used from then on to login to ArtsHub/screenhub.

3. As long as you sign up while you are a student, you will have access to it as a graduate.

Note – You can’t sign up only to screenhub, you need to sign up to ArtsHub and then use the same log-in to access screenhub.