The core of the Empirical Musicology Group consists of three staff who are members of the School of the Arts and Media at UNSW.

Emery Schubert

Dorottya Fabian

Associate Staff Member

John Peterson

We have a strong association with

The Music Acoustics Group

Organisations within which we work or support

• Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS)

• Music, Auditory Cognition & Mind, Melbourne (MACAM)

• The ARC Network in Human Communication Science (HCSNet)

• The Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (APSCOM)

Conferences at which we are likely to have a presence:






Postdoctoral Students and Research Associates (past and present)

• Daniel Bangert

• Sam Ferguson

• David Gunawan

Postgraduate Student (past - showing date of graduation, and present)

• Peter Atkins (PhD, 2012) Music and spirituality

• Daniel Bangert (PhD, 2012) Historically informed performance practice and decision-making

• Christopher Coady (PhD, 2011) Stylistic conventions of "Third Stream" music

• Deborah DeGraaff (PhD, 2014) Practice strategies used by elite musicians

• Sandra Garrido (PhD, 2012) Rumination and sad music

• Marco Susino Cross cultural studies of emotion in music

• David Taylor Investigating musical cues related to emotion response using continuous response methods

• Simone Waters The affect-valence model of motivation

Technical Officers (past and present)

• Jens Brosbol

• Alex Tarnopolsky

Honours Students (past and present)

• Daina Bogdanovics Diversity in performance: A study of 14 recordings of Sarasate’s Ziegeunerweisen

• Anthony Chmiel Exposure and music preference

• Paul Evans Emotion felt and perceived in music

• Natasha Farrar Continuous response to emotion in music by children

• Monique Irik Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 63: A comparative analysis of Jascha Heifetz and David Oistrakh’s interpretation of the work in relation to the Russian violin school

• Lyn Johnson-Read Vocal techniques used in Lied and Opera

• Alistair Sun Variety in Performance: A comparative analysis of recorded performances of Bach's Suite No. 6 for solo cello from 1961-1998

• Riza Veloso Description of music by people with empathising versus systemising cognitive styles