SAM Cells

SAM Cells are small cross disciplinary research groups that contribute directly to enhancing the School's outreach capacity and address aspects of the UNSW strategic plan.

1. Intermedial Composition in Creative Practice

This cell investigates the processes by which creative work takes shape in different fields. In particular it examines the extension of ideas into form, the experience of invention, and the dynamic relationship between different art forms. The Cell focuses on the generation of creative development through engagement with artists’ writing and practice, looking at the inner workings of creative collaboration and the different kinds of labour that is undertaken in the work of composition across fields as diverse as creative writing, dance, performance, music, media/film and visual arts.

Stephanie Bishop  |  Creative Writing
Erin Brannigan  |  Dance, Performance, Film and Visual Arts
Miriama Young  |  Music
Brigid Costello  |  Media Arts
Bryoni Trezise  |  Performance
Michael Hooper  |  Music

Associated Members
John Napier  |  Music
Alyssa Rothwell  |  Animation
Caroline Wake  |  Performance
Sean Pryor  |  English
John Peterson  |  Music  
Theron Schmidt  |  Performance
Manolete Mora  |  Music

2. The Transnational

Despite extensive scholarly engagement with this notion, there is undoubtedly an increasing discomfort with approaches based on the rhetoric of transnationalism that tend towards synthesis rather than heterogeneity, especially in relation to matters which require particularly fluid models of understanding such as mobility, diaspora, coloniality and modernity. Still, the transnational has proven to be a surprisingly adaptable concept, given particular urgency in recent years in the wake of international economic crises, the rise of forms of international solidarity based on religious fundamentalism, and the unprecedented movement of peoples due to civil war, economic hardship and (increasingly) climate change. Through the lens of literary, film, music and media studies, this research group will consider what the transnational has been in the past, what it is today, and what it is becoming. At the core of these investigations will be a shared commitment to pressurizing the notion of the transnational within and between disciplines.

Prof Bill Ashcroft  |  Literary Studies
John Attridge  |  Literary Studies  
Sarah Collins  |  Musicology
Ramaswami Harindranath  |  Media
Laetitia Nanquette  |  Literary Studies
Jane Mills  |  Film & Television

3. Australian Culture and Aesthetics

The Australian Culture and Aesthetics (ACA) aims to identify, develop and promote Australia-focused research and creative outputs. The Cell builds on recognised research excellence in the fields of Australian literary studies, Australian music scholarship and composition and Australian theatre history and performance studies to develop new research priorities in cognate areas including Australian Film.

Dr Jonathan Bollen  |  Theatre & Performance 
A/Prof Anne Brewster  |  English
Dr Greg Dolgopolov  |  Film
Dr Michael Hooper  |  Music
A/Prof Elizabeth McMahon  |  English
Dr Fiona Morrison  |  English
A/Prof Brigitta Olubas  |  English
Dr John Peterson  |  Music
Professor Andrew Schultz  |  Music
Dr Caroline Wake  |  Theatre & Performance