Assignment Coversheet - Why do I need one?

All assignments submitted in hard copy must include a cover sheet. Cover sheets must include the following information:

  • course name
  • assignment name/number
  • lecturer or instructor’s name
  • due date
  • word length
  • declaration that the work is your own work

Download: Coversheet (PDF) [91 Kb] 

SAM Assesment Extension Form

Download: Assesment Extension Form (PDF) [77 Kb]

SAM Media Permissions Form

When recording a creative output it is important to obtain permission from those involved for the use and reproduction of their image or content they produce. These are the forms we use in SAM.

Both forms have the same content. One is for large groups such as classes and the other is for individuals. 

Download: Group Media Permissions Form (PDF) [244 Kb]

Download: Individual Media Permissions Form (PDF) [227 Kb]

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