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The Music Performance Labs are a performance-based series of courses within the Bachelor of Music programs. All 1st and 2nd level Bachelor of Music students enrolled in a Performance Lab (MUSC1701or MUSC1702, MUSC1704 or MUSC1705, MUSC2701 and MUSC2702) will receive a subsidy on private music tutoring during the semester to assist in their preparation for their Music Practical Exam. From the end of 2nd level, students move into their Music Streams and will only receive a tutor subsidy if they are in the Creative Practice Stream (2 extra years of subsidy, level 3 & 4) or the Music Pedagogy Stream (1 extra year of subsidy, level 3).

Students enrolled in a Perfomance Lab course must also enrol in a music ensemble, please click here for more on Ensembles.

All students within the Bachelor of Music programs (3436, 3446, 3456, 3457, 3458, 3459, 3460) must complete 10 hours of private lessons during the semester.

The University will subsidise $60 per hour, which will be paid directly to the student upon application.

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