Music Recitals Planning

The Creative Practice Lab (CPL) is there to help you get ready for your third year recital. Here you will find the recital schedule as it develops, program deadlines and all the relevant downloads. You can find all relevant contacts below.

Planning Your Recital
If you are having your recital on the same night as other students meet early to discuss how you want your recital to run. Things to discuss are the venue, technical requirements, helpers and promoting the event. The earlier you start these conversations the better.

Box Office
All tickets are $5 for on-campus venues. All students in the class can attend any recital for free. All funds go directly to providing technical and resource support for your performances.

There is no mandatory entry fee to off-campus recitals. This is at the discretion of the students organising the off-campus recital depending on how they wish to cover costs.

Each group performing on-campus will be given:

  • cash float - this will have change for you to use when collecting the ticket money.
  • guest list -list of students and staff involved in the Music Recitals who have free entry to all recitals. Tick these names off so we can record audience numbers.
  • income sheet - a tally sheet to record audience numbers. This helps reconcile income from the recitals.

The forms must be filled out and returned with the income and change float to the CPL Supervisor on the night. It is reccommended each group enlists the help of a friend to manage their box office. 

Instruments and Stands
You will need to supply your own instruments and music stands, you may organise to borrow them from SAM or bring your own. 5 weeks prior to your recital book instruments from SAM by visiting the 'equipment available to book' tab here and complete the booking form.

Bookings on the day of your recital will not be accepted. 

If borrowed from SAM it is your responsibility to return any equipment on the night of your recital. Note: Pianos are supplied in Io Myers Studio, Clancy Auditorium and Webster 334.


You need to organise extra support on the night so you can focus on your performance. It is reccommended you recruit:

Ushers/bar staff - to greet your guests and direct them to their seats, hand out programs and serve refreshments. (Note: in Io Myers Studio the bar is licensed and run by the CPL)

Box Office – sell tickets and collect the income. Return income sheet, cash float and guest list to the CPL Supervisor on the night.

Stage Manager – someone to help co-ordinate the evening, set up the space, make sure programs are in the venue and to be available backstage to solve problems that can arise. This person can be the main contact for your group.

Accompanists & Page Turners - as required for your chosen works.

Recital Venues

Where will your recital be?

Semester One 2017 (MUSC3801, MUSC4701, MUSC4703): your venue options are Io Myers Studio, Webster Studio 334 or Sir John Clancy Auditorium.

Semester Two 2017 (MUSC2801, MUSC4704, MUSC4702, Honours): In addition to the above venues you may organise an off-campus venue but this must be negotiated with your lecturer/supervisor.


UNSW VENUE: Clancy Auditorium
Performing in Clancy Auditorium gives you the opportunity to work in a large recital venue with a Steinway piano. However all concerts must end by 8.45pm and access to the venue is dependent on the UNSW teaching calendar. You will get some technical support. You can provide coffee and tea for your guests but there is no licensed bar.

SAM VENUE: Io Myers Studio
Io Myers Studio is a professional performance venue so there is the possibility of theatrical lighting and sound. Tables and chairs will be set up. There is a foyer with a licensed bar that will be run by the CPL.

SAM VENUE: Webster Studio 334
Studio 334 is a rehearsal room and home to a Steinway piano. You will get some technical support with limited lighting options - discuss any ideas you may have with the CPL. You can provide tea and coffee for your guests but there is no licensed bar.

Off Campus Spaces
If you choose an OFF-campus venue you need to make the bookings and deal with the hire charges and technical requirements. If you do go off-campus we can help with publicity but you will have to look after the organisation and costs of the event yourself

Rehearsals In Your Venue

Bookings are made through the Creative Practice Lab ( In Clancy this may be only 30 minutes. Third year students can have a 30 minute rehearsal and honours students may have one hour. Io Myers there will be a block of sound check times prior to performance commencement, preferably in reverse performance order. If you can't make it to a rehearsal you must let us know as space is limited.

For recitals in Clancy or Io Myers - Lucy Dinh will be in contact to schedule your rehearsal time. 

For recitals in Webster 334 - please contact the SAM Office ( with your request. 

Recital Publicity and Programs

The CPL will publicise the 2017 season of recitals but students are responsible for the promotion of their individual events.


If you have any questions about publicity design and concepts feel free to contact the CPL Designer, Paul Matthews:

You may choose to create a poster for your individual recital but you must incorporate the UNSW branding. Templates are available below. Email your poster to Paul and we will print 10 x A3 copies which you can collect from the Creative Practice Lab. It is recommended you do this 3 weeks prior to your recital.

Note on UNSW branding: The UNSW 'yellow band' must be used on your poster but can be positioned higher or lower on the page according to your design. You cannot resize the band or alter it in any way. All posters should be portrait orientation to fit with the yellow band provided.

Send email invites around to your friends and family, use an image from your poster for consistency.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, etc - Use them to informa and excite your audience. Bring them along for the ride. Like samUNSW on Facebook or follow @samUNSW on Twitter - we’ll be promoting you there and we can link to your facebook event. Email Paul with posts or events you would like promoted.


A Google Doc will be emailed to you - fill out your section of this form. Email it to Paul ( if you need any assistance. Complete this no later than 2 weeks before your recital. We will layout and print your program for you. You can collect them from the Creative Practice Lab on the morning of your recital. Allow time to collate and fold these yourself.

If we do not receive your program by the submission deadline
(2 weeks before your recital) we will not layout and print your program.

Submit your program form as a group, include all pieces for your recital event in the one form. List the pieces in order of performance. The curation of the evening is your responsibility. The running order is completely up to you in consultation with your lecturer.

For example: you can have performer A as 1, 2, 3 then performer B as 4, 5, 6  |  OR  |  you can have Performer A as 1, 3, 5 and Performer B as 2, 4, 6  |  OR  |  any mix and match combination you like.

Program design: Due to the number of recitals we are not able to create individual program designs and covers. The cover of your program will include the Music Recitals 2017 'hero image' as used throughout all SAM Music Recital publicity. Unfortunately personalised photos and images can not be used - but use these for your own posters and publicity!

Please note:  We do not edit or proof read your text. We will copy and paste as is. Understandably, mistakes and changes happen. Where possible, we will email you a PDF copy of your program to proof read once it is laid out. You will have 2 days to proof read and sign off on the program before we send your program to print. Keep an eye on your email once you have submitted your program. 

Recital Production

Technical Equipment and Support

Contact the CPL to discuss and confirm what technical assistance you need. This may include amplification, lighting, audio visual equipment and set up, etc.

If you have any questions about production, feel free to contact the CPL Music Coordinator, Lucy Dinh (

Stage Maps

There is a form available in the Forms and Templates tab below. You should have stage maps ready for your stage managers to indicate where people, instruments, music stands, foldbacks etc will be on stage. If you have a different ensemble for various pieces, please fill out a different stage map for each. For students, in Io Myers, email your plan (HERE (PDF) [408 Kb]) to Lucy ( so we can plan out how everything will be powered and amplified for your performance. It is recommended you do these 2 weeks prior to your recital.

Production Form

There is a form available in the Forms and Templates tab below (or HERE). Fill this out and email it to Lucy ( no later than 2 weeks before your recital. We require these to plan your recital well in advance as there are many events going on during this busy period.

Filming & Photography

Most performance venues will not permit any filming of photography without permission.

A few points about filming and photography at music events on campus. These things may vary in other venues you will perform at in the future, but they will apply when you are performing in Io Myers and Clancy Auditorium.

If the CPL IS documenting the event in an official capacity we will let you know. If we have arranged this, any other filming or photographing of the performance is strictly not permitted.

If the CPL IS NOT filming an event and you would still like to record your performance, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Always ask permission from the venue at least a week in advance– contact
  • Notify everyone that may be included in the footage and ask for their permission. In some cases you may need to create a permission form to be signed. You can find more information here:
  • You will need to check the copyright laws that apply to the piece or arrangement you are performing if you plan to post it on social media or use it for professional purposes. This is a handy website to look at for more details:
  • Whoever is filming needs to check in with the CPL Supervisor on duty when they arrive at the theatre. The CPL Supervisor must approve where they can set up to film.
  • You must ensure that filming will not disrupt the audience or performers in any way. iPads or phones must only be used from the back seats, cameras and tripods can be set up at the front to the side, but must remain in one position the entire performance.
  • No flash or extra lighting for filming purposes can be permitted.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the CPL on (02)9385 5684 or

Suggested Planning Timeline

As Soon As Possible

  • Book rehearsal times in your venue. For Io Myers Studio/Webster 334/Clancy Auditorium email Include your name, course code, z-ID, mobile number, space, day and time you would like. As a general rule the CPL needs 24hours notice for all room bookings. 
  • Organise and begin rehearsals with accompanists.

5 Weeks Out

  • Book your instruments/equipment with SAM here
  • Discuss with your group areas of responsibility: programs, enlisting helpers, tech liaison, promotion design and distribution, etc.
  • Get cracking!

4 Weeks Out

  • Organise helpers for your recital. E.G. ushers, box office, stage managers, etc.
  • Discuss with CPL your technical requirements.
  • Design posters and promotional material for your recital.

3 Weeks Out

  • Finalise running order and program notes with your group.
  • Begin promoting your recital through social media, emails, posters etc.
  • Time the duration of your performance to ensure you're within the given time.

2 Weeks Out

  • Program notes - update the Google Doc emailed to you - NO LATER than 2 weeks before your recital date.
  • Submit Production Form (PDF) [228 Kb] - NO LATER than 2 weeks before your recital date.

1 Week Out

  • Send out social media and email reminders to friends and family.
  • Organise refreshments for your recital evening if desired. (except recitals in Io Myers Studio, this is a licenced venue)
  • Confirm your accompanists and other helpers are prepared and have what they need.

On The Day Of Your Recital

  • Collect and fold programs from the Creative Practice Lab. 
  • Ensure instruments, music stands, helpers, etc are ready to go.

On The Night Of Your Recital

  • Helpers to manage box office, stange management, ushering, refreshments.
  • Play wonderfully. Enjoy raptuous applause. Take a bow. Life is good.

After Your Recital - On The Night

  • Return music stands and other borrowed equipment.
  • Return cash float, guest list and income form to CPL Supervisor (on-campus recitals only).
  • Bump-out of your venue, leaving it clean and tidy.
  • Thank your helpers and supporters.
  • Relax.

Forms and Templates

Production Forms

Poster Templates
Updated 27.03.17 

The poster templates are only guides to show a potential layout with key information. You do not have to include the program of works or an RSVP, this is up to you. Be creative with how you promote your piece. Please delete the current "playing music stock" image. Please. 

    The UNSW 'yellow flag' must be used on your poster but can be positioned higher or lower on the page according to your design. You cannot resize the band or alter it in any way.

    Contact Paul ( if you have any questions or need one of the above documents in a different format.


    The main contact for your recital is Lucy Dinh.

    Lucy Dinh, Music Recital Coordinator -  9385 5684 |
    Creative Practice Lab - 9385 5684 |
    Paul Matthews, CPL Designer - 9385 5378 |

    School Office - 9385 4856 |