Research Students

We have compiled a selection of online resources according to area of research. If you would like to request something be added to this section please contact us.

Children's Literature

  • Children's Literature Web Guide - the best starting place for children's lit researchers
  • Children's Book Council


  • Library subject guide for Dance
  • National Dance Education Association Research Database - US
  • New York Public Library collection of links to sites relating to Dance and Technology
  • Dance Information about Laban Notation


  • Library subject guide for English
  • Also highly recommended are the Library’s extensive collection of English Links

Film Studies

  • Library subject guide for Film


  • English Association Sydney
  • Australian Association of Writing Programs
  • English Department Renaissance and Restoration links
  • Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Voice of the Shuttle - Web Directory
  • Australia's Cultural Network
  • American Imago - Psychoanalysis and Culture
  • Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (PDF) - Career Information for students who enjoy or are good at English

Internet searching tools

  • Teoma - Search with Authority - A search engine that organises search results into categories
  • Internet archive: Wayback Machine - This site is useful for locating information from websites that have since changed their content. (from the site): Browse through 30 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible.
  • Looksmart's Find Articles


A new library media research guide that has been developed by media and library staff.

  • Sirius - the UNSW gateway to various intranet electronic resources. The Sirius site gives you access to a large number of academic databases, subject guides and other resources. The Sirius site is accessible to UNSW students and is a valuable and very useful resource.
  • Useful databases include: APAIS Full Text (Webspirs), Applied Science & Tech Abstracts, Arts & Humanities Citations, Computing, Current Contents, Expanded Academic ASAP, History of Science Tech & Medicine, Left Index, Project Muse, Sociological Abstracts, Social Science Plus, Humanities Full Text.
  • Other resources include: IDEAL and Safari, and the Digital Media Subject Guide from COFA.
  • Relevant library journals include: Critical Studies in Media Communication; Media Culture and Society; Media Studies Journal; Issues in Science and Technology; Science Technology and Human values; Technology and Culture; Media International Australia


  • Library subject guide for Music

Online Film Journals

  • Senses of Cinema - This Melbourne-based film journal is a great resource for Film Studies students. It includes essays by local and international film scholars as well as film and book reviews and interviews with filmmakers.
  • Screening the Past - Screening the Past is an international, refereed, electronic journal of visual media and history.
  • Kino Eye - Kino Eye is a fortnightly journal of film in the new Europe.
  • Film Comment - Some of the articles in each issue of this New York film magazine are available on-line.
  • Film and History - Film and History is an interdisciplinary journal of film and television studies.

  • Scope - Scope is an on-line film studies journal and is particularly useful for Film Studies students.
  • Framework - The online version of this long-running film journal.Film databases and other useful web resources
  • Internet Movie Database - This is a great resource for tracking down information about a film or filmmaker.
  • The Silents Majority - This website is devoted to silent cinema and is always worth a look.
  • Oz Film - This is a Murdoch University site and is one of the best on-line resources for Australian cinema around. It has articles, bibliographies, and an Australian cinema database. The Oz Film site is part of Murdoch University's "Culture and Communication Reading Room."
  • Film Sound - This website is "dedicated to the art and analyses of film sound" and is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in questions of film sound. It includes essays on film sound history, film music, and sound technologies, and also has explanations of film sound terminology.
  • Pop Cultures, aka Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center - While not a film website, Pop Cultures is a fabulous resource for anyone interested in film, media, and cultural studies. It includes reading lists on a variety of subjects of interest to Film Studies students and has on-line articles.
  • Film-Philosophy - This is a journal and discussion forum for film and philosophy debates.
  • Australian Film Commission - The Australian Film Commission is the Australian Government film organization. This site provides information on the organization and information about applying for funding etc.

  • Queer Screen
  • AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School)
  • Popcorn Taxi

Online Journals

Academic E-Journals are often (but not always) the best source of research on digital and interactive media. Here are a few that media staff refer to constantly:

  • fibreculture journal - FibrecultureJournal is a peer reviewed journal that explores the issues and ideas of concern and interest to both the Fibreculture network and wider social formations. The journal encourages critical and speculative interventions in the debate and discussions concerning information and communication technologies and their policy frameworks, network cultures and their informational logic, new media forms and their deployment, and the possibilities of socio-technical invention and sustainability.
  • - Social theory for fans of popular culture.
  • - Very diverse and innovative Canadain media theory journal. Focusses on the latest developments in internet and digital media theory and publishes in a variety of different genres.
  • - Award winning Australian new media journal. Short punchy articles on the latest hot topics from some of Australia's best writers, academics and practitioners.
  • - The aim of Culture Machine is to seek out and promote the most provocative of new work, and analyses of that work, in culture and theory from a diverse range of international authors. Culture Machine is particularly concerned to promote research which is engaged in the constitution of new areas of inquiry and the opening of new frontiers of cultural and theoretical activity.
  • Andrew Murphie has a comprehensive breakdown of relevant research journals on his site.

Shakespeare Studies

  • The Malone Society
  • The Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association
  • Shakespeare Quarterly
  • The Elizabethan Review

Theatre and Performance Research

  • Library subject guide for Theatre
  • The Australian Writers Guild
  • Performance Paradigm - New online journal of performance and contemporary culture

UNSW Library Film and Video collection

UNSW library has a large collection of videos and DVDs that you can view in the library. The collection includes titles that are relevant for film studies subjects as well as other titles that are important for film history and film studies debates. To find out if a particular film title is held in the library, enter the title of the film in the "Title" entry in the library catalogue. To see a complete list of all the feature films held in the library on video or DVD, you need to search by call number. To do this, type SVID791.437/ in the "call number" entry in the library catalogue.

Victorian Studies

  • Australasian Victorian Studies Journal
  • Australasian Victorian Studies Association Links Page
  • Nineteenth Century Studies